Can Dachshunds Stay Outside in the Heat? (A True HOT Dog?)

Everyone wants to make sure that their dog is healthy and happy. Some people can’t always keep their dog inside, so I had a question if dachshunds could stay outside in the heat. I did some research and this is what I found.

110134328 s Can Dachshunds Stay Outside in the Heat? (A True HOT Dog?)

Can Dachshunds Stay Outside in the Heat?

Dachshunds tend to prefer being warmer than they do cold. So while they may not mind being outside in the heat, you still need to be careful. It is easy for Dachshunds to get overheated and get heat stroke if left outside for too long. It is difficult for them to cool down if they get too hot.

Make sure you monitor them while they are outside and watch for signs of overheating and heatstroke, and take them inside when it’s time to cool off.

Why Do Dachshunds Overheat So Easily?

We know that Dachshunds prefer warm weather, so it would be easy to assume that they don’t overheat easily but it is quite the opposite. Dachshunds can overheat and get heatstroke from being outside in just a few minutes. But, why?

Dachshunds prefer the heat.

Dachshunds like being warm, and can’t regulate when they are getting too hot. If they are running around in the heat and feel like they are getting tired they will just lay down and take a nap outside. This can be dangerous because they can easily let them self overheat.

This is why it is important to keep an eye on your Dachshund. If you start noticing signs of them overexerting them self or getting too hot, it is time to take them inside and let them cool off.

Dachshunds tend to get overweight.

This breed of dog is prone to easily getting overweight or obese. This contributes to them easily overheating. The extra fat acts as insulation, and heats them up quicker. It also makes it so they get tired faster, and lose energy quicker, making it harder for them to breath which also causes the problem of overheating.

Dachshunds are more likely to get thyroid problems.

The thyroid is what’s responsible for regulating internal temperature. If your Dachshund has a thyroid problem, they will be even more prone to overheating. If you know your Dachshund has thyroid problems, they won’t handle the heat as well as a healthy dachshund, so it’s best to keep them out of the heat altogether or as much as possible.

Tips for Keeping Your Dachshund Cool in Warm Weather

It isn’t fair to keep your Dachshund inside all time in fear of them getting overheated, especially since they love the warmth and need exercise. There are ways to make sure their time outside is not only fun but safe, as well.

They need to stay hydrated.

It is so important that your dog stays hydrated in the heat. This will reduce the chance of them getting heat stroke immensely. And even though dogs don’t sweat, they lose a lot of water through salivating while they pant when it’s hot.

Make sure your Dachshund always has cool water accessible to them. It wouldn’t hurt to have a couple of water bowls scattered around the house, or at least one inside and one outside.

If you are taking your dog somewhere such as on a long walk, or hike, make sure you bring water for them. If your dog doesn’t know how to drink out of a water bottle (as that takes training), you can buy a collapsible water dish for fairly cheap, that can easily clip on to your leash, belt, or backpack. Here is a link to one I found on Amazon.

They need shade.

While your Dachshund is playing outside or going on a walk they need a cool place to take short breaks. In the shade, it can feel up to 10 to 15 degrees cooler. Which makes it an ideal spot for your Dachshund to get a short rest in between playing or walking. Don’t just rely on the shade though. Take them inside when necessary.

Give them long breaks.

While shade is okay for short breaks, they still need to be brought inside for long breaks to really cool down and relax.

Make sure that have a cool and comfortable place to lay down and relax. Rest is what helps gain energy back, and bring their temperature and heart rate down to a reasonable point. Places like tile floors, cooling beds, or even a spot in front of the air vent are good places to rest and cool down.

Signs of Heatstroke and What to Avoid

110134332 s Can Dachshunds Stay Outside in the Heat? (A True HOT Dog?)

It is important that when playing outside with your Dachshund to watch for signs of heat stroke and overheating. These signs are quite distinguishable, as long as you know what to look for.

The first sign of heat stroke is excessive panting.

Dogs don’t have sweat glands as people do, so they pant to cool themselves down. If you notice that your dog is panting very hard, or excessively, especially if they haven’t done anything physically daunting, it is time to take them inside and cool them down and give them lots of cool water.

Another sign is the consistency of their saliva.

Because your Dachshund will begin panting a lot, they will also begin drooling a lot. If you aren’t able to tell if they are overheating by their panting alone you can check their saliva. If the saliva is coming in buckets and is very thick, that is a sign of overheating.

If you still can’t tell, check their gums, and the skin around their eyes.

When your dog is overheating or suffering from heat stroke, their gums and the skin around their eyes will turn a bright pink color. They will also be very dry, showing signs of dehydration. At this point bring your dog inside and to their water dish immediately. If they are unwilling to drink, bring them to the vet.

Their sensitive skin will be hot to the touch.

If you feel parts of their body such as their gums, eyes, paws, or stomach, they will feel very warm. Bring them inside and have them lay down on a cool surface like a tile floor to bring their body temperature down.

The biggest and most dangerous sign of heatstroke is if your Dachshund gets weak, or begins to collapse.

If your dog gets weak, starts to stumble, or even collapses you need to take them to a veterinarian immediately. At this point, they are in too much danger for you to try to cool them down yourself, and should be given proper medical attention.

Some things that are absolutely off the table are locking your dog outside, leaving them in the car, or over exercising them in the heat.

These are things that could potentially be fatal to your dog. The heat is hard enough to handle already with the ability to go inside and cool off.

It is especially wrong to leave your dog in a not running car in the heat. It is not only illegal but very dangerous as well. Even if it is in the 70’s outside, a car in the sun can reach up to 100 degrees in 30 minutes if parked in the sun.

So on a summer day that can reach up to 100 degrees or more, cars can get up to 200 degrees, which is hot enough to literally cook your dog.

Treat your Dachshund with love, and be sure to take care of them.

Related Questions:

What are safe temperatures for your dog to be outside? A safe temperature for your dog to be outside should be temperatures higher than 32 degrees and lower than 95 degrees. As temperatures lower than 32 degrees can cause hypothermia and frostbite, and temperatures higher than 95 degrees can cause heatstroke and dehydration.

Do Dachshunds get cold easily? Dachshunds tend to not prefer, or like the cold. They have short hair and thin coats that do not provide them with much warmth or protection in cooler conditions. It is best to make sure your Dachshund is at a comfortable temperature.