Can Shelties Be Kept Outside?

Shelties love to spend time outside. They like having the freedom to see the world and run around quite a bit, something that is hard to do when inside all the time. Many like the change of scenery too. With how much your Sheltie loves to run around and be outside, some pet owners wonder whether they can keep their Sheltie outside or not?

Your Sheltie should not be left outside for long periods of time. It is not a good idea to have them sleep outside or to leave them out when you go to work. Short bursts to go to the bathroom or while you grab something inside are not a big deal. Any time you plan to have your Sheltie outside for longer periods, you need to be out there with them to monitor their behavior and make sure that they are doing fine.

Let’s take a closer look at the reasons why you should not leave your Sheltie outside alone for longer periods of time and some of the dangers that will happen if you do not monitor and watch your Sheltie when you are outside.

Can Shelties Be Kept Outside?

Shelties do better as an indoor dog. They like to spend time inside with their pet owners. And they like to chase after other animals and bark quite a bit with all that energy. Leaving them outside all day long can be dangerous for them and a little annoying for any neighbors who may be home during the day.

Shelties are generally seen as indoor dogs and need to stay in the home with the people who own them. It is not recommended to leave them outside when you are at work or overnight. Even a kennel that is inside the garage is not a good housing option for a Sheltie. Letting the dog outside for a bit to run around and have them go to the bathroom is not a bad thing. But there is a limit to how long the dog should be left outside.

Your Sheltie should not be left outside for a long period of time, except when their owners are outside with them. This helps them to figure out if something is wrong with the dog and can get them inside when they get too hot or need to take a break. You should never leave the Sheltie outside when you are not home, even if it is just for a little bit of time.

How Long Can I Leave My Sheltie Outside?

It is best to not leave your Sheltie outside alone for too long. If you need to let them into the backyard for a few minutes as they go to the bathroom while you get dressed after work or something like that, then it is usually not seen as a big deal. But if you are looking to do much longer than 20 to 30 minutes, then you need to be outside with the dog.

Your Sheltie can spend long periods of time outside, but they should not do this unsupervised. Bring them back inside until you can go out with them and watch them. Short bursts are not a big deal, especially if you are home and just inside the home. If you plan to leave the house though, bring your Sheltie back inside rather than leaving them alone outside.

It is best to not leave your Sheltie outside for more than a few minutes without you being right there with them. If you can monitor them from inside while making supper or something like that, then your Sheltie will probably be fine and enjoy the chance to run around without being cooped up longer after you were gone.

You should never consider having the Sheltie stay outside overnight to keep them from inside the home. And you should not consider having them outside the whole time you are away at work during the day.

Most experts agree that the Sheltie should not be left alone even for the length of time it takes to run to the grocery store to grab a few things. If you plan to be outside with your Sheltie, they can stay outside for as long as needed, just monitor their behavior and help them stay cool in the warm months.

Why Can’t I Leave My Sheltie Outside?

There are a lot of different reasons why you should not leave your Sheltie alone outside for long. Some of these include:

They May Escape and Get Hurt

Even with a good fence around the home, it is possible that your dog will get bored and find something new to do. This could lead them to get out of the backyard and then get hurt in the process.

Something as simple as a bird or a rabbit hopping by can be enough to get the Sheltie to run off in pursuit of something. They may end up hit by a car or hurt in another way when they are no longer in the protection of your fence.

Shelties are also known for getting bored with having nothing to do. Your yard may be great for running around, but when the Sheltie is bored and has no one to play with them for hours on end, they will get bored. Their smart minds will spend time trying to fix this problem.

And it will not be long before they find a way out of your backyard. Before you know it, they are running around and lost, with the potential of being hurt.

It Brings Up Behavioral Problems

When the dog is left outside for too long on their own, it can bring up a few behavioral issues. They may stop listening to their owners and take full control over the yard.

They may get into the habit of scratching at the door or barking at all the animals and birds that go by. This can be annoying and may mean that you need to start from nothing when it comes to training your Sheltie.

They May Get Overheated

During the summer months, it is possible for the Sheltie to get overheated when left outside for too long. This problem gets even worse when you do not have a lot of shade in the backyard to give them a cool place to go.

There is nothing wrong with letting your Sheltie enjoy some of the summer months, but make sure you are there, rather than leaving them outside all day while you are at work.

They May Need Water

When it is hot outside, it is possible that your Sheltie will need something to drink. If you leave them outside alone and do not monitor them, it is hard to know when they will need that water. It is not enough to fill up a small bowl and call it good for the whole day.

When it is really warm outside, the water will be gone in no time. Do not let your dog get dehydrated during the summer months, Stay outside with them to monitor how they are doing and let them back inside when they are ready.

Can Shelties Be Kept Outside

Too Cold in the Winter

The last few facts focused on what can happen to the dog during the summer when it gets really hot. But it is possible that your Sheltie will get too cold if you leave them outside in the cold weather as well.

Your Sheltie can generate a lot of heat while running around, but they do not do that well when left in the cold for too long. They are not designed for that. Do not let your dog out for more than a few minutes when it is really cold outside and never leave them alone out there for the whole day. If you are going on a walk with the Sheltie, then put a good sweater or other protection on them to keep the dog safe.

They Want to Spend Time with Their Owners

Shelties like to spend their time inside. If you push them outside and leave them there for hours on end, they will not be happy. They want to be as close to their owners as possible to help with that bonding and to get some of the attention that they deserve. It is fine to let your Sheltie run around outside to wear out the energy, but do not let them spend all day out there alone.

Keeping Your Sheltie Inside

Shelties are considered indoor dogs and like to spend time inside with their owners. While it is fine to take them outside to run around and play and even fine to do exercise with them, you do need to be careful about how long the dog is kept outside. Never leave the Sheltie alone in the yard without some kind of supervision or they may get hurt along the way. Allow them to spend the evening and daytime inside with you to keep them safe and healthy.