Bulldogs: How Do I Know If My Bulldog Is Happy?

I have owned a bulldog for a few years now.  We spend a great deal of time together.  Sometimes I can take my bulldog to work with me.  When I can’t, I have a relative stop by my house a couple of times a day to let her out into the backyard and give her some attention.  

My bulldog’s personality is so easy going and laid back that I have a hard time knowing how she is feeling.  I would think she would be more vocal to express how she is feeling, but I just don’t know.

I wanted to know if my bulldog is happy, so I did a little investigating and found this.

How do I know if my bulldog is happy?

How do I know if my bulldog is happy?  There are a variety of ways that a bulldog will show you that he or she is happy.  One of the top ways that a dog will let you know, is through their body language. 

This expression of happy emotion can come in the form of a smile, yes, you read that right, a smile.  Dogs do smile.  They also express happiness through their tail and eyes.

Body language can come in the form of tongue hanging out of their mouth, a smile or adorable eyes.  It can also be found in their behaviors, how they act in the environment they are in.  the bulldog has many ways they will show happiness.

Happiness is an emotion that a dog readily shows to those around them.  While each bulldog is unique in expressing emotion, some trademark body expressions send the message.  When we are paying attention, these are easy to notice.

A happy bulldog might smile.  This smile happens quite often, and many bulldog owners delight in what they think is a smile on their bulldog’s face.  Chances are if you think they are smiling, they are.  Add a well-placed tongue that is hanging out, and you can bank on it, they are happy! Grab that camera and celebrate this happy moment!

A bulldog will wag their tail if they are happy, they wiggle their backside too.  The bulldog has a tail that is most often short and stubby.  This tail can appear to be nonexistent.  If the bulldogs’ bottom wiggles, it is likely they are happy about something.  Reach down and pet them to add to the moment!

Their eyes can express emotion, just like human eyes do.  Some bulldogs can raise their eyebrows while others cannot.  Either way, when they get that happy look in their eyes, you will know it.  Can anyone say I love you in dog language!

Relaxed behavior is another example of a happy bulldog.  If your bulldog isn’t chewing and eating your socks, and they haven’t terrorized the housecat lately.  There is a good chance that they are happy and content.  Good feelings show themselves in the way that your bulldog behaves.  Good behavior reflects the good feelings inside!  

Nothing spells happiness like a playful bulldog.  Playfulness and happiness go together.  When we are happy, we all are more playful!  Again, positive feelings bring positive emotions.  A happy home will make your bulldog feel happy too!  So, bring out the dog toys and have a blast!

A healthy appetite also signals a happy bulldog.  Who doesn’t eat better when in a good mood, even the sourest of scrooges will eat when they are a happy person!  This is a catch twenty-two since the right dog food will also promote that good and happy feeling for your bulldog!

Sleeping can sometimes signal a happy bulldog, either that or they are tired.  When your bulldog isn’t pacing the house listen for noises outside or looking for something to do in the wee hours of the night, sleeping well is a sign of happiness. 

Happy and content emotions cause us to be more relaxed, and that means better sleep patterns.  This idea is true for dogs and humans!

A beautiful coat of fur will let you know that they are happy and healthy.   If the bulldog’s coat is shiny, that means the bulldog is getting proper nutrition from the diet that you feed them.  A well taken care of bulldog, is happy.

The bulldog that eats good healthy food and has plenty of water to drink and a comfortable place to sleep is happy. 

The bulldog that receives love and attention in the form of snuggle time and appropriate exercise is going to be happy.  The bulldog that lives in a home where stress and anxiety are minimum, is happy.

Snuggles, hugs, leaning, and being close are another way that the bulldog shows that he or she is happy.  Showing love to you is a way of expressing happiness for a bulldog.  If they are happy, they want everyone around them to know how they feel and feel that way too!

What are things I can do to make my bulldog happy?

The best thing you can do as a bulldog owner to make them happy is to love them.

If you love them you will walk them.  Loving them will mean that you take them to their veterinarian for regular checkups.  

If you love them you will feed them a healthy diet and ensure they have plenty of clean water to drink.  A comfy bed, safe house, and some toys and treats also show them you love them.  Snuggles and cuddles are always a must to show them you love them.

By loving your bulldog you care about their needs, wants, and well-being.  This will bring them comfort, peace of mind, and happiness.

What are things I can do to make my bulldog happy?

You can also make your bulldog happy by feeding them their favorite dog food, or dog treats.  You can make them happy by taking them to their favored dog park or inviting their best dog pal over for a playdate.

Providing them with the things that make them happy will promote that happiness.  Some might consider it spoiling, but who doesn’t deserve a little of that from time to time right?

What should I do if my bulldog doesn’t seem happy?

If your bulldog doesn’t seem happy. First thing is to attend to their needs and show them plenty of love and affection.

Everyone has a down day or two here and there.  It could be related to illness or injury, not enough attention or activity, to much stress, or something else.  Whatever it is, it should pass in a couple of days.

Believe it or not, bulldogs get sad and depressed sometimes too.  Having a loving person nearby that can help you through can make all the difference in the world, even to a bulldog.

While you are offering love and attention to promote happiness in your dog, it may help to investigate why they are not happy.  Looking at their life recently, events that might have caused this lack of happiness such as a loved one being away could shine a light on the problem.

Also, attention to the bulldogs’ body language can help identify the issue that made them unhappy.  If the housecat went to the veterinarian for surgery and isn’t home yet, this might cause the bulldog to be unhappy. 

If, however, a bulldogs’ sadness or blue mood doesn’t improve after a few days, a trip to the veterinarian is best.  Being happy is something we all deserve, your bulldog included. 

In most cases, these issues are related to their environment or other health issues and are for their veterinarian to address.

What are the signs that my bulldog isn’t happy?

There are numerous signs that a bulldog will show when they are not happy.  These can include:

  • Hiding, cowering away or being fearful of something
  • Urinating indoors
  • Being destructive
  • Growling, snarling or show aggressive behaviors,
  • Eyes or face that expresses negative emotions
  • Lack of eating or unable to sleep properly
  • Howling, whining or other unusual noises
  • Excessive panting or licking or other behaviors
  • Lack of response to love and affection
  • No desire to play with toys or have fun
  • No interest in other animals, the dog park or their favorite walk
Bulldogs: How Do I Know If My Bulldog Is Happy? What are the signs that my bulldog isn’t happy?

These can also be signs of other health problems.  If they persist, you should take your bulldog to the veterinarian promptly to determine if something more complex is wrong.

Final Thought

All dogs feel emotions, and being happy is just one of them.  It can be hard to determine if a bulldog is happy; they can’t exactly say it in words.

Body language is always the best communicator of emotions in a dog.  How they physically express themselves replaces the words they cannot speak.

Whether it’s a crooked smile, a wagging tail, or a hearty appetite, one thing is for sure, a happy bulldog will spread the wealth of their happiness to all around them! 

So sit back, enjoy the happiness your bulldog brings to your life, and do everything in your power to keep it coming day in and out!