Do Bulldogs Fart A Lot?

I wanted to get a dog for our family that would be entertaining and fit right in with the gang.  My children read a book about a bulldog that farted a lot and decided they wanted a dog just like the one that was in the book.

We all got together and did some digging, and here is what we found out.

Do bulldogs fart a lot?

Yes.  Bulldogs do fart a lot.  They have a digestive system that is easily irritated and a great deal of trouble digesting most foods.  The bulldog can also get excited about eating and end up eating to fast.  This problem can give them tummy trouble and them having difficulties digesting food and farting.  If a potential owner or family doesn’t mind farting, the bulldog makes a great pet.

Farting is normal and happens to us all.  No matter how big or small, young, or old, healthy, or not, it happens to all humans and dogs at one time or another in their lives.

The bulldog, like most dogs, will suffer from this condition as we do but sadly won’t be able to remove themselves from the presence of others, nor understand why anyone else would be bothered by such a natural occurrence.

What are some issues that may cause a bulldog to fart more?

Like humans, the bulldog will suffer digestive problems and excessive farting related to a variety of issues.

Bulldogs suffer from difficult digestion.  Anything that goes into the bulldogs’ mouth may give them gas and make them art excessively.

Paying close attention to their diet and the foods that they eat is important for their overall health, not just to minimize farting.

It is best to consult their veterinarian at regular annual checkups to ensure that they are eating a healthy diet.  The veterinarian will recommend what dog food and occasional treats will be best for each unique and individual dog.

Finding the right dog food can be trial and error as well since each dog is unique.  The veterinarian may recommend dog food, and then the owner may find that it gives them a tremendous amount of gas.  At that point, they may change the type of dog food the bulldog receives.

The bulldog can suffer from excessive farting due to how they eat.  Let’s face it; if we eat in a stressful environment, we end up with gas and farting too.

Providing the bulldog with a relaxed, stress-free environment to eat their food is best.  While this won’t completely rid a bulldog of farting, it can go a long way to promoting digestive health; and mean less farting.

The shape of their head and facial features can make it hard for them to pace themselves while eating.  It can cause them to intake more air and have more gas.  If the owner has time, feeding them smaller meals, more often, perhaps three small meals a day can minimize the amount of air they intake during eating.  This new way of eating can lessen gas and farting.

Bulldogs shouldn’t exercise too much because they are a Brachycephalic dog breed.  They suffer from a health issue that makes it hard for them to breathe.  This health problem can play a part in how much gas they have and how much the bulldog farts.

Exercise for dogs and humans helps keep food moving at a natural pace through the digestive system and can keep gas and farting to a minimum.

The bulldog may not be able to have a lot of, but exercise is necessary for their overall health and well-being.

For the dog owner that has the time, offering short stints of exercise can work wonders for promoting a healthy digestive system.   Changing how much physical activity they get in a day can help. 

Do Bulldogs Fart A Lot?

Including a couple of short walks around the neighborhood or playtime in the yard.  The idea is to keep it easy so as not to exasperate their breathing problem while increasing their digestive and overall health.

Positioning can also increase or decrease gas and farting.   If the bulldog spends a great deal of time curled up or lying down, this can allow any air and gas that is trapped inside their digestive tract to remain so, increasing farting.

Allergies can cause a bulldog to fart a lot.  This breed of dog is prone to food and other allergies.  Food allergies can reveal themselves in a variety of ways that include excess farting.  If a bulldog starts farting more than usual for an extended period, this could be the issue.  A consult with their veterinarian is in order.

Health problems that affect their digestive tract from their mouth to backside can cause excess or increased farting.  These issues can be a simple dental problem or more complex.  If a health problem is suspected, the bulldog should see their veterinarian immediately for the best possible outcome.

A bulldog can suffer from excessive farting when they are dehydrated.  Water is necessary and vital for all human life to thrive and be healthy.  Without an adequate supply of clean water, a bulldog can get stagnant digestion.  The water helps move the food through the digestive tract and decreases farting.

What can reduce the amount of farting a bulldog does?

There are a few things that can reduce bulldog farting that includes diet and supplements.

The first step is to ensure they live a healthy lifestyle.  This healthy lifestyle includes food, water, sleep, stress, exercise, socializing, and playtime.  Once the bulldog is on the right path to good health, taking a closer look at the bulldogs’ diet can help.

They must be fed a high-quality food for dogs that contains fiber which helps move food through the digestive tract easier.

After that, they can also receive yogurt regularly as part of their healthy food intake.  Yogurt contains good bacteria that promote digestive health in humans and dogs. 

If it a hot day, perhaps a yogurt popsicle! The bulldog can also receive a probiotic supplement that is designed for dogs and can put in with their food.  These probiotics or good bacteria won’t remove farting from their life but can go a long way to reducing it.

There are certain herbs on the market today that can help reduce digestive issues and can lead to less farting.  Herbs like chamomile calm the stomach and digestive tract lining and can help the bulldog feel better too.

Discuss these supplements with their veterinarian before administering them since some dogs can have reactions.

Healthy dog treats can be a great way to help with a bulldog’s digestive while making them feel like they got a reward.  A bulldog owner can buy their own or make them in their kitchen. 

These healthy dog treats for farting should contain ginger that calms an irritated digestive tract while promoting healthy digestion.

Other foods to include in homemade healthy dog treats are yogurt or probiotics, carrot, or pumpkin.  This combination is full of fiber, probiotics, and belly calming goodness that is sure to please any bulldog.

Is there anything that can make everyone more comfortable should a bulldogs farting become too much?

Yes.  Many things can make everyone more comfortable when a bulldog farts a lot.  Open a window, spray the room with a freshener, or leave the room.  The bulldog isn’t likely to understand that they did something unmannerly they aren’t going to excuse themselves to go outside in the fresh air.

How does a bulldogs’ diet cause them to fart a lot?

The food that a bulldog will eat provides their bodies with the nutrition and energy they need to live and be healthy.

Dog food can contain things like sugar and starch that can be unhealthy for a dog, bulldog, or not.  Dogs don’t need carbohydrates as we do.  It is best to feed them high-quality dog food that keeps them healthy. 

As tempting as it may be to feed them the store-bought dog foods, they often contain unhealthy additives that aren’t necessary.

Other items that should be OFF the menu for a bulldog or any dog for that matter include dairy (yogurt is okay.), fermented foods like cabbage, and table scraps.

Who doesn’t love cheese?  Well, a bulldog might love cheese, but it’s not healthy for them.  Cabbage and other fermented foods cause gas and farting for humans why would we think a bulldog would be any different?

It may seem harmless to offer a few small scraps from the table to a bulldog, but many times the sauces, seasonings, additives, and combinations of food we eat can make for a digestive nightmare for the dog.

It is best to keep a bulldog on a regular diet for their overall health, including their gut.

Could farting signal a health problem?

Yes.  Farting can be a side effect or symptom of an underlying health problem.   Should a bulldog begin farting excessively or have other changes in their eating and bathroom habits, it is best to consult their veterinarian.

In Conclusion

While farting happens to everyone at some point in their daily lives, bulldogs do fart a lot. 

Should it become a problem for their owner or family, keep the window open a crack in the room, have a bottle of air freshener handy, and have a few good laughs.

Life is nothing if not hysterical with a bulldog around!