Are Pointer Puppies Good with Kids?

Having kids and a pointer puppy in the same home can be a lot of fun, but it’s always important to know if the personality of the dog breed you choose is going to be a good fit for kids.

Pointer puppies are good with kids over the age of 5 or 6. Pointer puppies aren’t recommended for homes with infants and toddlers due to their high energy levels and sturdy bodies that can knock over anything in its path.

Pointers are a great family dog! They want you in their lives as much as you want them (and maybe just a little bit more), but there’s more to the story than them being good with kids. Not all age groups have the same ready answer and different factors come into play to help make them better suited for a home environment with children.

The Family Friendly Pointer

The Pointer is definitely a family friendly dog. They thrive in a family environment with active owners and kids!

They will play endlessly with children and lay next to them once the day is done. They love human interaction and aren’t known to bite or lunge. They have a good temperament and aren’t bothered by little things.

Pointer puppies are rather rambunctious and have oodles of energy at all times. They love to play and run and chew. Having a pointer puppy is definitely a lot of work, but worth it!

It is best to have a new puppy if you have older kids, at least 5 or 6 years old to make sure your puppy doesn’t knock anyone over. As your pointer grows up, they can be a little bit gentler with younger children.

After spending time outside running and playing, the pointer is excited to come inside and lay next to you on the couch. They love to be around children, play, and go on adventures outside!

These sweet creatures want to be involved in almost every aspect of your life and are very loyal. They do have a tendency to wander when noises and smells grab their attention, but a good fenced in yard can help keep their attention in check.

The pointer is a very intelligent dog breed and they can learn things very quickly. The downside to that is that they can also easily pick up bad habits if they’re consistently taught them.

A naturally good habit that they can learn when growing up around children is a natural affection, love, and protectiveness towards them. This dog wants to be around you whether inside or out!

Pointer Puppies and Babies

Pointer puppies are good with kids because the dogs are sturdy and playful. Kids older than 5 or 6 would love to interact with these adorable puppies and grow up alongside them!

We tend to really love the idea of having a puppy that can grow up with our children and be their best friend. That is a beautiful vision and sentiment and is something pointers are a good choice for, but you always want to be careful when babies are involved.

The issue with having a pointer puppy with an infant or a toddler is the same reason as to why they are good with older kids: these dogs are sturdy and mischievous. You could find baby toys turning into puppy chew toys and will have to constantly keep the puppy from trying to climb on or run near the baby.

The puppies don’t mean any harm, but they are full of energy and tend to bump into things a lot. They want to play and can potentially be a bit of a hazard for very small children.

Toddlers are also not good with small pointer puppies because they could get a small playful nip or be knocked over as the dog runs around.

However, when they grow up together there is a bond that typically forms and can help teach the puppy how to interact with your child and vise versa.

If you take great care and watch the puppy constantly, there can be great advantages to having a pointer puppy around your small children. It’s not recommended for this breed, but the pointer can be kept contained and trained.

Pointers are extremely loving and they will want to be near your children! They just don’t always know how to be careful. Now, older pointers are better for small children because they usually have calmed down a little bit.

There are so many families that see their toddlers taking a nap next to their pointer or the dog allowing them to poke and pull at their face. The older pointers are usually really good at having patience with children hanging all over them and pulling on their face and tail.

They are fantastic family dogs as they grow. You will have trained them, and they’ll know and love your kids. They are okay with being laid on and messed with by small children. The issue happens when they’re young and don’t quite know how to control themselves or their bodies yet.

Mutual Benefits of Shared Play

Pointer puppies and older pointers are a very good companion for kids because of the shared benefit of playing together.

Again, the pointer has an abundance of energy that needs hours of daily exercise to satiate. We all know that our children also have tons of energy that we send them outside to run off.

This is where the pointer is perfect. If you have a fenced in backyard, your child and pointer can go outside and play for hours! This will help alleviate the pent up energy and stress your pointer feels being cooped up for too long and can help your child get outside and play.

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The exercise is extremely beneficial for both. The pointer can play for hours on end and will never get bored of running around or trying a new game. This can be entertaining for your child and can allow you an opportunity to spend time with them both!

The family dog is an exceptional way to get out, get active, and spend time with your family! Pointers need to be in an active home or else they typically turn destructive with chewing, digging, and barking.

Going on a hike, bike ride, or walk with your kids and your pointer will greatly benefit everyone’s health and happiness.

Another great thing about having a pointer in your home with your kids is that they can learn responsibility by helping to take care of the dog.

Teaching Kids to Handle Your Dog

Something that you’ll want to consider when getting a pointer puppy is using that time to teach your children how to interact with and handle dogs. It’s crucial for your children to learn “dog etiquette” when they’re young for their own safety and for that of the dog’s.

Small children can quickly learn that you need to be gentle when playing around the dog. Your older pointer may be fine with a small weak hand grabbing onto its jowl, but it’s best for them to know that you want to be gentle with the dog.

It may be good to set rules for your children that are constant and easy to follow.

Being gentle and not holding onto the dog if it tries to get away are two simple things that kids can learn quickly. Other rules may include leaving the dog alone when it’s in its crate, eating or chewing on treats.

Your rules will differ depending on your dog and beliefs, but it’s always good to have some basic guidelines to help children respect a dog when it’s necessary to leave them alone.

These rules don’t only benefit your dog and family but can help children understand how to interact with other people’s dogs too.

Teaching Your Puppy Good Habits

Just like I mentioned before with teaching kids the right way to treat a dog, you’ll want to train your puppy about your kids. Pointers are very susceptible to training and pick things up quickly.

Just like your child will learn quickly what is acceptable/unacceptable to do with and to the puppy, your pointer can be taught what’s not allowed around children.

Obedience training and consistent rules for your puppy in the house can quickly help them understand how they should behave. Consistency is the absolute key with pointers and they respond well to positive reinforcement.

Pointers are a breed that needs to start training early on in their lives to create good habits. Many experts recommend starting training at 7 or 8 weeks old.

After the first few months of owning a pointer and training them on good habits, you will start to see a happy home form. Living and learning alongside your pointer and children is the best way to create harmony in a pet-friendly home.

It’s most important to keep your kids safe, and the pointer is a wonderful and loving choice for families with children!