Are Jack Russell Terriers Good Family Dogs?

The Jack Russell is a tremendous dog breed that many pet lovers aspire to have. Do you also plan to own a Jack Russel terrier, but are wondering whether it is a good family dog? If yes, continue reading as that is precisely what we will discuss.

First off, if you are new to this breed, it is worth keeping in mind that the Jack Russel Terrier is an incredibly energetic dog that loves to move around and work.

With adequate companionship and a task to do, a Jack Russel Terrier will remain happy and won’t cause any troubles.

What’s more, this breed loves digging for rodents, which can be quite handy for people who require regular yard maintenance.

A high energy level with a tremendous desire to hunt makes the Jack Russel a high maintenance pet that requires a lot of training. This strong willed animal has no quit and can remain energetic for hours.

It would be fair to say that you will need loads of patience to train your Jack Russel Terrier, making sure it doesn’t cause a ruckus after becoming your family dog.

Jack Russell Terriers Can be Quite Vocal and Assertive

Since these dogs are baying terriers, they have a tendency of being incredibly vocal. That said, these dogs are always attentive and alert which makes them excellent watchdogs.

In addition, Jack Russell terriers are naturally assertive. While it is a great trait, you need to be careful, as some terriers may not tolerate other animals or younger children at home.

If not trained properly, your Jack Russel terrier may even act hostile towards other dogs.

Is it Possible to Live with Jack Russell Terriers

A Jack Russell’s dominant personality is not for everyone. No matter how hard you try, you cannot remove this breed’s hunting instinct. As mentioned earlier, a Jack Russel Terrier sees family hamsters, cats, and other pets as prey.

That said, with enough training, you might be able to get your Jack Russel Terrier to get along with your children and pets, especially if you adopt it as a puppy.

Nevertheless, you must consider every possibility before bringing home a Jack Russel Terrier, no matter how young or trained it is. If you do bring a Jack Russel terrier home, make sure it gets an ample amount of exercise outdoors. A fenced yard can prove to be a great option, giving your pet room while making sure it doesn’t run away.

If you plan to keep your dog indoors, make sure you take it for daily brisk walks. Jack Russell terriers also love long hikes and games of fetch. Unlike other dog breeds, this one is incredibly active and won’t sit on your couch or doormat for most of the day.

Things to do After Adopting a Jack Russel Terrier

There is nothing wrong with adopting a Jack Russel Terrier. Sure, the ideal of introducing such an intense dog breed could seem intimidating at first, but with the strategy, you can make the Jack Terrier Russel an obedient and loving family dog.

While training your dog, especially when it is as high maintenance as a Jack Russel Terrier is great, it is important you avoid making common mistakes that many people tend to make. Similar to children, pets need boundaries and rules too. It is essential for making them understand their position and role in the house.

No, this does not make you mean or cruel. If anything, it makes you a responsible pet-parent. So without further ado, let us discuss some tried and tested tops to raise your newly adopted Jack Russel Terrier the right way.

Train Your Jack Russel Right Away

If you want to ensure your new family puppy is well-behaved and has healthy habits, make sure you do not waste any time training it. Consider starting with the important skills you want to instill, like stopping it from biting, house training etc.

Accomplishing these chores can take time, as it is quite difficult. However, it proves to be essential for establishing rules, making sure your Jack Russel Terrier follows them.

Instead of waiting for three to four months, waiting for your dog to get older, make sure you start straining it right away – it will lead to favorable results as puppies, in most cases, are quick learners.

Be Consistent With Your Rules

Unlike humans, dogs don’t understand the concept of “maybe”, “sometimes”, and similar things. It is a major reason why you need to establish rules right away, making sure they know what they can and cannot do. For instance, if you don’t want your Jack Russel terrier on the rug or couch, ensure you don’t allow them to sit there.

Do not make any exceptions for your rule, as it will only confuse your puppy, which can prove to be a cause of anger and frustration down the line. Remain consistent with your rules, and your family dog will benefit from it.

Positive Training Can Work Wonders

When it comes to training your puppy, incorporating positive training could lead to timely results. Using a clicker often proves to be useful. You can also provide your Jack Terrier with treats, rewarding it whenever it does something right.

These practices will make your dog more obedient and responsible, making it an excellent family dog. It is a significantly better option compared to confinement, yelling, and other cruel training strategies.

Stay in Control

As mentioned abundantly in this piece, Jack Russel Terriers are quite wild and dominant in nature and sometimes, simple training may not do the trick.

However, you need to make sure you stay in control n matter how rambunctious your puppy gets. Screaming, panicking, or locking him away won’t do the trick, as it will only make the dog more aggressive.

You can try giving your terrier toys or take it for a long walk in case it acts out of control, making sure you remain in calm and under control. Of course, things like these are easier said than done, but you must control your nerves.

Do Not Punish or Hit Your Pet

Yelling or hitting your dog will not make your dog obedient. Instead, it could make matters worse and make it hostile towards you and your family.

This is why you need to make sure that you treat him right during every step of the training process. Any punishment could undo all of your hard work, and make your Jack Russell’s habits nearly impossible to change.

So, steer clear from yelling at your dog when he doesn’t follow the rules. Instead, maintain your calm and disapprove of its behavior with a polite “no” when needed. It is also important to reward your dog when it does something right. In most cases, a click or treat, tend to do the trick, reinforcing good habits.

There’s No Harm in Getting Help from a Professional Dog Trainer

Making a Jack Russell terrier a good family dog may seem like an impossible task, but you can accomplish it with patience, and the right training.

Yes, there will be times when you don’t make as much progress as you want, but luckily, there is an easy solution for that. Consider acquiring a professional dog trainer’s services to train your terrier.

Sure, it may feel like a difficult decision but experienced trainers have the patience, and know all the ins and outs of training Jack Russel terriers properly.

With their expertise, techniques, and vast range of training strategies, you can rest easy knowing that your terrier will fit right away with your family.

Keep Your Terrier’s Limits in Mind

While there is no denying that training puppies is significantly easier than training adult dogs, Jack Russell puppies can prove to be a handful.

Sure, they are smart and have energy for days, but they too have limits and it is important to keep that mind. Avoid overwhelming your puppy with loads and loads of rules and tricks.

Instead, take things one at a time, ensuring you don’t overload your pet with information. Not following this advice could cause your dog to go backwards, making it even more difficult to train.

Should I Get a Jack Russel Terrier as a Family Dog?

Jack Russell terriers are innovative, smart, and quite dominant. They are fun to have, as long as you train them the right way.

As mentioned time and time again, training this dog breed requires a lot of patience and perseverance. If your family has other pets and small children, getting an older, untrained Jack Russel terrier may not be a wise choice.

On the other hand, adopting a puppy or a trained terrier would be a better option and a delight to have in your house. Once again, remain consistent with your rules at all times to ensure your dog adjusts in its new family without any trouble.