German Shepherds are the type of dog that I have always wanted, especially when I someday have a family. But for me, it’s important to know if German Shepherd puppies are good with kids. So I decided to research it.

Are German Shepherd Puppies Good With Kids?

German shepherds are loyal dogs that can be trained effectively to respect boundaries. The age of the kids may make a difference as the puppies tend to be energetic, but overall it’s possible to have a German Shepherd puppy along with kids if you put in the time.

There are several things to consider when it comes to German Shepherds and children, as everyone has different circumstances. For some families it may be more possible than others when it comes to raising kids and a German Shepherd puppy at the same time.

Why They Could Be Good With Kids

I know a family that has fairly young kids and a year-old German Shepherd, and it works really well with them. There are several possible reasons for this, as German Shepherds can bring a lot to a family with kids. Also, it’s important to note that German Shepherds are considered puppies within the first three years of their life, which is good to remember when considering one for your family.

Some reasons a German Shepherd puppy could be good with kids are:

  • They are intelligent- German Shepherds are known to be one of the more intelligent breeds of dogs around. They are highly trainable and are known to serve as service dogs, police dogs, firefighting dogs, and more. This also means that training them to be friendly around children and behave well can be fairly easy. If you’re willing to put in the time to train your German Shepherd puppy, then it can become a great family pet that will obey all the rules. There are even places that work specifically to train German Shepherds, and so that can be an option as well.
  • They are extremely loyal- German Shepherds are very loyal and protective to those they consider family. Raising a German Shepherd as a puppy alongside your children creates a bond with them that will carry over into the puppy’s adult life. They will be loyal to the kids and fiercely protective of them. This can be good if your dog ever notices any danger. The children will also have a fun and loyal companion and friend that grew up with them, which can be a great gift to them.
  • They are energetic- The benefits of this may depend on the age of the kids and the types of activities a family enjoys. For families who love to spend time outside, going hiking, canoeing, or generally going on adventures, this can be a great breed for them. German Shepherds, especially as puppies, have a lot of energy, and so are able to keep up with these activities. This can mean a lot of great memories for kids as they grow up with their dog alongside them on these adventures.

This all may be dependent on your families lifestyle and the age of your kids, however. German Shepherds can be great with older kids, but there are still potential risks, especially when it comes to younger kids.

Why They Might Not Be Good With Kids

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While German Shepherds are easy to train, loyal, and energetic, that still may not be the right fit for some families with kids. There are other possible drawbacks as well.

Some reasons a German Shepherd puppy may not be good with kids are:

  • They don’t always know their own strength- German Shepherds even as puppies can be fairly large, and as they reach three years old will only get bigger. This could potentially be dangerous for small children, as a large and energetic German Shepherd puppy could accidentally harm a young kid. They will not do this intentionally, but until they are properly trained, they may knock over or otherwise hurt a young kid because they don’t know their own size and strength. This is less of a risk when it comes to older children, however.
  • They must be properly socialized- German Shepherds are incredibly loyal. This may mean, however, that when a child’s friends come to play, the puppy may not realize that the friend is not a threat, and so the puppy may attempt to attack out of a sense of protection. Ways to socialize a German Shepherd puppy are to take it out with you often, to the store, to the park, or to other public places. Introducing it to as many new people as possible helps it to not feel as threatened, and to be better when meeting new people in the future.
  • The kids may need training as well- With these dogs and their energy, it may be hard for a child to understand how to react at first. It’s good to teach children how to behave around a new puppy, such as teaching them not to grab at their ears or tails. By teaching children, it can be a more harmonious relationship with the puppy. However, young children may not be able to fully grasp the proper behavior around a puppy, and so this can be difficult. It may also be hard to keep a watch at all times, and so mistakes can be prone to occur.

Clearly, there are some potential risks when it comes to having a German Shepherd puppy around kids. These are important to consider when deciding to get one for your family.

Is a German Shepherd Puppy a Good Fit?

There are plenty of benefits to getting a German Shepherd puppy, even when you have kids. There are also potential risks. Deciding if one is right for your family can depend on a number of factors. The age of your children is one, because there can be more work involved with especially young children. It may be safer with older kids, but it is not impossible to have a German Shepherd puppy around young kids.

It ultimately all comes down to the training of your puppy. German Shepherd puppies can be easy to train, but they require a lot of time and attention. If you are willing to put in the work and spend time making your puppy child-friendly and social, it can potentially be one of the best decisions for your family. However, if you have a busy life and do not have a lot of time or energy to spend training your puppy, it might not be a good to get a puppy with children.

Ultimately, you must weigh this decision with your family and decide what is best for everyone.

Is a male or female German Shepherd better with kids? Typically, female German Shepherds are better with kids. They are more sensitive as well as easier to train. They are less territorial and are friendly to all family members, not necessarily one person. They also tend to tolerate children more than males do.

Do German Shepherds attack their owners?When German Shepherds are properly trained, they should not be prone to attacking their owners. However, if an owner is abusive or does not train their dog properly, German Shepherds could become aggressive and possibly prone to attacking their owners.

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