At What Age Do Kittens Start Calming Down?

Getting an adorable kitten is always a wonderful and fun experience. Although they are super cute additions to any home, they can also be a handful at this stage of their life. Kittens tend to be chock full of energy and love to bounce off the walls all day long. While this is completely normal, it can certainly be exhausting. Fortunately, this phase doesn’t last forever. Instead, they grow out of it and become much more relaxed and calm the older they get.

So, when exactly will they start to calm down? 

At What Age Do Kittens Start Calming Down 1 At What Age Do Kittens Start Calming Down?

When do kittens calm down?

Kittens are usually at the peak of their energy between 3 and 6 months old and will gradually calm down between 6 months and a year old. Your kitten will reach maturing between 1 and 2 years old, which is when they have chilled out to their adult mood.

Let’s look at the timelines of this phase and what you can do to encourage them to relax.

Why Are Kittens So Energetic?  

Kittens are like human children because they have high energy levels while young. However, as cats grow, you can expect their behavior to change at each stage.

This change means their energy usually decreases as they age. However, throughout their youth, kittens will constantly search for new adventures and are filled with curiosity.

Although their energy is natural, various factors contribute to their energetic nature.

They Aren’t Stimulated Enough 

Although it’s essential to ensure your kitten is stimulated with physical activity, it’s also crucial they are stimulated by their surroundings as well.

When they’re inside, ensure enough sunlight comes into the house. Leaving the curtains or blinds open will keep them stimulated since cats enjoy relaxing and lounging in warm sunlight.

Also, going on walks daily will help to promote a richer environment as they get to enjoy the nature around them.

Nature is Taking Its Course 

Cats are natural predators and instinctually have a need to hunt. When they are kittens, this instinct begins to kick in.

The instinctual urge to hunt will manifest as kittens looking for toys or objects to find and pounce or jump on them. You may even experience them playfully sneaking up on you and jumping all over you.

These actions are part of their predatorial drive, so it’s even more crucial to train cats while they are young properly. Otherwise, their instincts can quickly turn destructive.

At What Age Do Kittens Start Calming Down 1 1 At What Age Do Kittens Start Calming Down?

They Need to Socialize 

Socialization is essential for kittens, especially as they age. It can be tough dealing with very energetic kittens, but it’s also beneficial when training them to be social.

It’s best to socialize with them while they’re young for several reasons but mainly because they have the attitude and desire to be friendly with others.

An excellent way to socialize them is to start with their siblings and mother. In addition, they will naturally build specific skills if they remain with them between 8 and 10 weeks.

It will also help them become more accepting of other cats as they age. Otherwise, exposure to other people while they are young will further desensitize them.

This exposure will help them learn how to behave and become more comfortable around others.

Cat Ages and Behaviors Per Stage  

Understanding how cats behave at each stage of their life is essential. So let’s look at each stage and how their energy levels slowly change.

0-2 Months Old 

Between the time they are first born and two months old, kittens will be in a more relaxed state. They will mainly nurse and begin to move, although they don’t move much.

At this stage, they are beginning to attempt to get around; however, a lack of muscle coordination and development makes it nearly impossible.

This stage will mainly consist of nursing them and keeping an eye out as they attempt to move more while their muscles begin to grow.

3-6 Months Old 

Between 3 and 6 months old is when they are balls of energy. During this stage, they seem to bounce around nonstop and play endlessly.

Their motor skills and balance will improve daily, and they will constantly jump, play, and attempt to capture anything they can.

Kittens at this stage will also be very active and social. They love being physically active at this point, so you must begin engaging in activities with them during this time.

This engagement will allow them to burn energy while learning to socialize with others.

1-2 Years Old 

At this stage, kittens make their transition from being kittens into adulthood. If you choose to have them neutered during this period, it will significantly impact their energy levels.

Although they will still have lots of energy, their energy levels will decrease immensely after getting neutered.

3-10 Years Old 

During this stage, cats are still active but much calmer than energetic. By this time, they have become consistent and prefer to stick to their daily routines.

They are typically content with being active, socializing, and anything else their routines may consist of. However, they don’t enjoy change within their surroundings.

Cats prefer things to remain the same at this stage as specific changes will be seen as an interruption to their daily life.

Tips To Manage Their Energy  

The best way to manage a kitten’s energy is by ensuring they are fulfilled when it comes to physical activity. It’s also essential to ensure their environment is as enriched as possible.

If their environment is filled with value, this will significantly assist in deterring any unwanted behaviors from them. This solution is also helpful since it trains your cat to release its energy productively instead of causing unintentional environmental destruction.

Activities to Calm Them Down 

If your energetic kitten is occupied with healthy activity on a constant basis, it will help to curb their high energy levels.

Unfortunately, kittens can easily cause damage to objects and areas around them if they are filled with energy. However, several activities are the perfect outlets that will help them expend that energy productively.

Doorknob Toys 

Door Knob toys are ideal for kittens and cats in general. They are very simple to set up and very effective for keeping your cat entertained. These toys will help capture your cat’s curiosity and keep them busy for hours.

 Hide and Seek 

Any activity that includes running around is always ideal for burning your kitten’s energy. Hide and see is a classic game that will help you bond with them while also keeping them stimulated.

Cat Tree 

A cat tree is a perfect activity for a high-energy cat. It’s a personalized playground that will keep them occupied and help to calm their curiosity.

It’s also great because it can be used when a cat wants to play or when they want to relax and sleep. You can also attach accessories or toys to keep them engaged while promoting the activity.

A Game of Fetch 

Surprisingly, fetch isn’t a game only dogs enjoy. You can play fetch with cats, too, especially if they are in their high-energy phase as kittens.

If they are kittens, you can throw small soft toys to help them develop their motor skills while promoting bonding time with you.

When You Should Be Concerned 

Sometimes there is a cause for concern when it comes to your kitten being highly energetic. If they show signs of becoming sick at any point, you need to consult the vet.

If, for example, they no longer eat or have trouble focusing, those are signs of something deeper such as health problems. 

If you notice any strange behaviors during this stage, please consult your vet immediately.

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