4 Factors Influencing The Cost Of Bengal Cats

You may have seen Bengal cats in the wild or on TV and been intrigued by their exotic beauty, but you’re not sure how much they cost. Bengals are a unique breed of cat that can be a lot of fun, but they’re not for everyone. They require a lot of attention and exercise, and some people may find them too active or independent.

How much does a Bengal cat cost 1 4 Factors Influencing The Cost Of Bengal Cats

How much does a Bengal cat cost?

A purebred Bengal cat from a reputable Bengal cat breeder can cost you anywhere between $1500 to $4000 depending on several factors such as age and traits. Moreover, you should also expect around $50 to $200 of monthly expenses to maintain a healthy Bengal cat. 

If you’re in the market for a new Bengal cat, you may be wondering how much they cost. Bengals are a unique breed of cat that can be quite expensive, depending on where you live.

For a pet Bengal kitten, the average price of a Bengal cat from a good breeder ranges from $1,500 – $4,000. However, several factors affect the price of a Bengal kitten, including the following. 

  • The cat’s traits such as age, quality, temperament, and coat color, 
  • What’s included with the cat and 
  • The level of breeder care (which may possibly be the most important factor!)

Let’s take a closer look at each of the factors. 


The age of the kitten is one of the key determinants of its price. When kittens are growing up, they are expensive to feed, and it takes a lot of time and effort to socialize them and clean up after them, which is why kittens between the age of 12 and 16 weeks are most expensive.

Some breeders may sell kittens at eight weeks or earlier. While kittens of this age may be less expensive, if they are weaned at a very early age, they can be prone to lifelong behavior issues, which can include aggression and fear. 


When planning to adopt a Bengal kitten, it’s best to go for Stud Book Tradition (SBT) Bengals which are a result of the breeding of Bengal cats to Bengal cats and are at least four generations removed from the Asian Leopard Cat. However, higher-generation Bengals (called F2 or F3 Bengals) will typically cost more and may also have additional care requirements.

Hence, SBTs make the best choice for pet owners. 

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You will find Bengal cats with different color coats at different prices because breeders often choose to price individual kittens differently depending upon their appearance. 


Certain Bengal cats, which have a higher demand, have a much greater cost. Bengals with different coat colors and patterns may be “trending,” resulting in increased demand and a higher cat cost. 

What’s Included with Your Kitten?

Apart from the Bengal cats’ traits, what is included with your kitten can also have a significant impact on how much your Bengal cat cost. Some Bengal cats often come with the following; 

  • Are spayed or neutered, 
  • Are examined by the vet and have a clear health bill by a licensed veterinarian and 
  • All essential vaccinations completed and up to date. 

Apart from the basic healthcare support, some Bengal cats also come with toys and blankets, a cat wheel, and cat food that facilitates the transition. 

As a rule, the more extras are included with your Bengal cat, the higher the price will be. 

The Level of Breeder Care 

While you can determine the factors listed above easily, deciding on the level of breeder care will require a lot more insightful investigation on your end.

But why is understanding the level of breeder care critical? It’s important because the level of breeder care can have a significant impact on the pet of your cat. After all, how much the breeder is charging you is a reflection of the health of your pet and its quality of life. Moreover, the right breeder will do all the following right things for your cat, which includes 

Regular Health Check-ups and Screening 

A knowledgeable breeder will ensure that the cat gets regular health check-ups and screening. Moreover, they will also ensure that the breed is screened for certain genetic conditions. The three genetic conditions for which Bengal cats are actively screened include 

  • HCM, 
  • PRA, and 
  • PK-def 

Since these are genetic screenings, they are more expensive and hence not affordable for breeders selling cheaper kittens. 

Providing Appropriate Housing for the Kittens

How much it costs to have a Bengal cat also depends on the type of housing that is provided by the breeder. Keeping a kitten in a cage is relatively inexpensive compared to housing cats in an enclosed facility. 

Moreover, it is also important that male and female Bengal cats are held in different buildings with outdoor enclosures that are easy to clean and have a lot of space with appropriate temperature settings. 

Provide for Quality Diet to Nursing Cats and Energetic Young Kittens

Bengal cats are carnivores and hence require a lot of meat protein. However, since meat is expensive, feeding Bengal cats a quality diet is expensive but is extremely important for both nursing cats and young, growing kittens. 

Spend Quality Time With the Kittens So They Learn to Socialize Better

A critical aspect of breeder care involves spending time with the kittens. Breeders who spend quality time with their kittens and cats, including play time and time to socialize, so you end up with a wonderful pet. 

Pay for Pet Registration

It’s widely believed that registered cats are more expensive compared to unregistered Bengal cats, and it’s true for a reason. Registered cats are expensive because it gives breeding rights to the breeder. By choosing a breeder who is not registered, you may be supporting someone who can breed irresponsibly for the sake of making money. 

So apart from the characteristics and traits of the cat, you should also spend considerable time determining the level of breeder care so you can end up with the right pet. 

How Much Does It Cost to Own a Bengal Cat Every Month? 

Bengal cats are high-maintenance pets. While owning them requires you to pay a one-time adoption cost or cost to the breeder and some investment in the initial setup for your pet, there is more to the cost of owning a Bengal cat. 

As a Bengal cat parent, you should remember that owning a Bengal cat will require some recurring monthly expenses, including the following. 

  • Healthcare, 
  • Food, 
  • Grooming, 
  • Medication, 
  • Pet Insurance, 
  • Maintenance of the environment, and 
  • Entertainment. 

The average cost of the expenses mentioned above can range between $50 and $200 every month. 

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