Jack Russells, Are They Affectionate Dogs?

Jack Russells can be very affectionate because they like to be around people. You will find this breed incredibly cute, highly energetic, curious, and always on the go for an adventure. However, you must not fall for their creative antics and believe they are supremely friendly.

You see, Jack Russell terriers have independent minds and overflowing energy. Combine those traits with remarkable intelligence, and you have a challenging breed as a pet. While the terriers enjoy human company and are very faithful, devoted, and loving, they are not precisely the cuddly pooches you perceive. If you’re a typical faint-hearted first-time pet owner, I suggest trying to raise a more comfortable breed your first time around.

Yes, Jacks do love to shower their owners and members of the pack with love, but the minute you restrict their activity and exercises, your Jack will turn from fun-loving to aggressive, destructive, and vocal in a flash.

Let’s dive into the affectionate side of the Russell breed in detail below.

Jack Russells- Their Affection

These dogs are typical terriers through and through. You may find the only variations in their textures and coats. Still, otherwise, you can count on strong forelegs, high-pitched and slightly elevated tails with triangular ears in every version.

Reverend John Russell created this particular breed in Devonshire, back in the early 19th century. He sported a keen love for hunting foxes and believed that farmers and hunters all over could benefit from a dog that could fit through narrow earth passages and pick scents.

He created this compact bodied breed with remarkable traits- a dog breed so fearless and courageous it can not only hunt foxes but kill them too when the need arises. As times evolved, we began to see some variations and changes in this dog family, but the core of their existence remains the same, even today.

They are working dogs with keen, sharp, and quick reflexes and intellect. They are not dogs that sit docilely and become intimidated easily. Only those with years of experience as pet parents must endeavor to adopt this dog as a pet.

Now coming back to Jack’s softer sides, on the whole, they are loyal companions and amicable too. If you treat them well, they will shower you with affection and gaze adoringly at your day and night. But this very loving side of theirs can reach extremes, where they become possessive to the point of jealousy.

You can see a clear depiction of the breed’s loyal nature when they follow you about, a clear indication that your pet has your back unwaveringly. Once they form an attachment with you, there will be no end to their expressions of love, including soul-deep gazes into your eyes and unspoken communication.

Till this point, you will revel in the unconditional love your dog will give, feel special with its specified attention. But things can quickly take a turn if your training is not on point or you are slack in the vigilance of your dog’s traits.

Does Jack Russells Get Jealous?

 Your Russell may become so attached to you, so undyingly committed and protective, that it will soon reach a point where others will not be able to approach you. Jacks are the kinds of dogs who mark territory, and you will become one if you don’t tackle its protectiveness in time.

Your Russell’s jealousy may reach a point where it will consider you its property entirely and not bear the sight of anyone in close quarters with you. You may be uncomfortable when on a walk with your Jack, and it attempts to bite or barks madly at every stranger or friend that comes to you.

This behavior can also turn dangerous if you do not correct it in time. This is why you must be on your guard and begin the right training at the first signs of jealousy and possession. Environmental changes are also necessary for correcting your pet’s aggressive, rash, and dangerous behavior.

You will find aggression to include a typical outburst, a clear sign that your dog is jealous because it feels it is losing its place in your heart, the family pack, etc. Even a new baby in the house, a girlfriend/boyfriend can make it fear its role in your life.

If not for destructive, then at the very least, it will exhibit annoying behaviors. You can also rectify jealousy stemming from your nearness to another to encourage that person to befriend your dog. So if Russell is jealous of your new partner, have him/her play games with the terrier, give it a treat, and indulge in fun activities. Your pet will love this and lose animosity for its offender.

Go out for walks, games, activity time, etc., with your partner and your dog, and give the pet a good time. This will make your dog feel that it belongs and not fear replacement. Also, make it a note to reward good behaviors during this time, ask your partner to hand out treats as the prize.

Does Jack Russels Love Their Owners?

On the whole, Jack Russells are typically warm and affectionate dogs. They enjoy the company of humans and even strangers but are unbelievably loyal to their owners. Once you have earned your place in your Jack’s heart, it will love you till death and even be ready to lay its life to protect you from harm.

However, all this only comes about when you have trained and treated your pet well. When you give it ample exercise, playtime, attention, and true love and care, you become eligible for that undying love I just described.

Some experienced Russell owners will also not hesitate in claiming that Jack Russells are those dog breeds that love their owners more than any other. This experience may vary per individual, but if all goes right since you adopt the JR, you’d agree too.

Jacks can love their owners to do everything to please and earn the approval of their pet parents consistently. They may have an excess of energy and might have their nose in the air at times, but they will love and respect you more than any being alive when the time comes.

To earn this love, though, you must never suppress the traits that run deep into this breed’s veins. Jacks came into existence with the sole intention of serving as hunting dogs. Even today, every JR possesses this prey drive deep in their beings. Instead of suppressing it or attempting to change your Russell for what it is, try to embrace it wholly.

Only take this breed as a pet if its hunting instincts will be compatible with your life. In honesty, this is the only way you can expect your relationship with a Russell terrier to work. If you attempt to change or eliminate the crux of its existence, you will fail to earn that love, respect, and faithfulness and make it an unpleasant creature.

Is Jack Russell Stubborn?

Yes, some Jacks can be more stubborn and bossy than the others. Well, how can you blame them for feeling like the Gods of the world in their little bodies when they came into existence with that very idea?

But here’s the deal- your Jack may be stubborn generally, but you must train them amenably and teach them since puppyhood that they are not the rulers here. It would be best if you were consistent in showing them that your word is the law ultimately, and they must obey you.

Is Jack Russells Cuddly?

Jack Russells tend to be very affectionate and loyal, as I mentioned above. Though not ideally cuddly, you can still expect hugs and expressions of love in various other ways when love flows through their veins.

They will gaze adoringly at you, tend to hold your belongings in their mouth often (read shoes and clothes), follow you around, come back to check on you now and then as part of their expression.

Are Jack Russells Affectionate

However, note these traits may transform rapidly when there are children around you. Jacks love their owners but are not typically tolerant of children. It may take time and a lot of effort on your part to help the dog adjust to the children in the house.

This is one reason to remain extra precautions when you bring a new Jack or a new kid in your house. Never leave both unattended in each other’s company, even for a few seconds.

Final Thoughts

Jack Russells are highly energetic, instinctual, and hunting dogs. In our very modern world, we have made places for them as pets and can humanize the terriers successfully to many extents. As a result, you can expect tons of affection, love, and faithfulness from your dog.

However, it is essential to remember the hunting drive, aggressiveness, and streaks of jealousy and stubbornness. Proper training, exercise, and activities will ensure you Jack grows up to be a gentleman/gentlewoman whenever it is off-field.