How Smart Are Corgis?

While Corgis are mostly known for their sweet expressions and fluffy butts, considering a dog’s intelligence is also an important factor to take into account when considering your next dog.

If you’re thinking about getting a Corgi, it’s probably because they’re adorable. But just how smart are they?

How Smart Are Corgis?

Corgis are a very smart dog breed, and they are ranked exceedingly high in the top fifteen compared to other dog breeds. This is related to their breeding as herding or working dog. The Corgi and other working or herding dogs were bred for a specific purpose, to do work and help humans with their occupations and tasks.

Since they are working dogs, they have certain skills geared towards a particular task, such as the Corgi, with herding.

While Corgis might not spend much time herding anymore, except when they decide to herd the household children out of instinct, their intelligence is still extremely high.

This intelligence for the Corgi will make them extraordinarily successful in such things as obedience training or any specialized training and agility obstacle courses, to name a few areas.

With this elevated level of intelligence, the Corgi also comes with a very independent and headstrong mindset. 

This can be challenging for a pet parent who isn’t secure in their position in the family as then the Corgi may not listen.

In this instance, it might be better if the Corgi has an individual in their family who is always confident in their position, so the Corgi doesn’t attempt to overthrow the government or ignore the rules and what they are being taught.

One problem when you have a smart Corgi

 is that they can behave badly or act out if they are not kept busy. 

All dogs need mental stimulation, but dogs like the Corgi need more mental stimulation than average.

Their minds need to be kept busy to avoid them getting into trouble. 

One good way to do this is to have them spend time working or playing in a variety of activities that change and provide diversity or hard work.

A busy Corgi might help the pet parents with outdoor work and play a few games with the household kids. 

After that, they might chew on a special toy that keeps their mind entertained when they are forced inside and can’t have mom or dad’s attention.

What makes a Corgi so smart is their herding abilities and their intelligence in that area.

They are also very smart because they are an adaptable dog breed. 

They learn by problem-solving in their life experiences, which can help them adapt to diverse situations, which is incredibly important for a working dog.

When learning a new skill or command, the Corgi takes fewer repetitions than other dogs to learn the skill or command.

They have a quick mind that has them learning new things very fast.

If you want to teach a Corgi something new, they can learn it in minutes, which is amazing!

Regarding their instincts related to herding, the Corgi excels extremely high in this area of smarts. 

This dog breed is one of the best for herding, but not just herding, herding without human instruction to guide them.

This is what is known as breed-specific instinct intelligence.

It means that what they are bred to do is so ingrained in the Corgi as a dog that they know how to do it without being told or taught.

This intuitive intelligence today has them still attempting to nip at people, push them along and herd them where they need to go.

How Smart Are Corgis 2 How Smart Are Corgis?

This habit can slip out from time to time, but in the home, it is not appropriate and must be managed.

Corgis also have the smarts to learn from their own mistakes. 

Known as adaptive learning, these smarts are not related to a particular dog breed, as dogs in the same breed can have various levels of this form of intelligence.

It is, however, high in many Corgis and shows their ability to learn from past mistakes, find solutions and problem-solve easily, which makes life easier for them and those in their family.

This shows their independent thinking and their stubborn, headstrong nature, which has them thinking they know best all the time and want their way.

While they are highly intelligent, that doesn’t mean they should rule the roost.

What can I do to keep my Corgi smart and mentally sharp throughout their life?

You can keep your Corgi smart and mentally sharp throughout their life as they age by caring for that intelligence that they are blessed with from breeding.

Take your Corgi on different adventures, talk to them about everything, show them new things, let them experience different situations in life so they can continue to grow as a dog and part of your family.

This isn’t something you have to get carried away with, but it is a way to enhance the close relationship you already share with your Corgi while letting them fully experience life beside you. 

They are going for the ride away, and you might as well make it fun and interesting for you both.

The more opportunities you give them to experience life safely, and the more you share with them in a happily bonded relationship, the smarter they will be throughout their whole life.

Meeting their needs for mental stimulation is another important but often overlooked aspect of a dog’s life. 

Mental stimulation fosters intelligence, problem-solving, adaptability, and mental skills that will last throughout their lives.

This mental stimulation often provides the finishing touch for your dog’s day. 

They were exercised, showed love, had fun, and social, now they need some mental exercise to feel content and happy.  

There are many toys and tools that can provide this form of exercise.

Another fantastic way to keep your Corgi smart and mentally sharp throughout their life is to teach them new things. 

Teach them a new trick or how to do something around the yard or household.

Whatever you choose, if you teach them something new every so often and then let them spend some time practicing it, their minds will continue to grow long after the learning has stopped.

Closing Points

All dogs are smart, but some are smarter due to breeding and inherited skills.  Corgis, a herding and working dog, are blessed with many smarts.

While some owners might consider this a curse because of their stubborn nature, others consider it a blessing because they fill life with joy and keep the pet parent on their toes.

Whichever category a pet parent fits into, there is no denying that the Corgi is a very smart and well-rounded dog breed!