Are Corgis Picky Eaters?

Having a dog who is a picky eater can be a real pain to deal with and an even bigger pain to try to fix.

If you’re thinking about picking up a Corgi, you should find out as much as you can about this wonderful breed, including whether or not they are prone to being picky eaters.

Are Corgis Picky Eaters?

Corgis can be picky eaters, but it depends on their lifestyle, the foods they are exposed to, and how they are fed, to name a few things. Being picky is a learned behavior related more to the environment and people around the Corgi than the breed.

Like other dogs, and humans for that matter, pickiness is a behavioral trait that is more

It might go something like this, the pet parent wants to please their Corgi puppy, so they give them way too many treats and varieties of food to keep them entertained, but it’s overkill.

The Corgi puppy loves this, new tastes all the time, new sensations from dry food to wet, a mixture, and some dog treats and human food. 

Everything is perfect in the Corgis world, they are eating well, and they absolutely love it and never want it to change.

After a time, the pet parent might cut back on the variety or how often the food is changed. They might buy less tasty dog food or dog treats and share less of their food when the excitement of the new puppy has worn off and they are spending too much money.

Well, this is all fine and dandy, but your Corgi puppy may not like this, and some dogs like the Corgi can be headstrong. 

They might decide to turn their nose up at the offered food and not eat it at all, believing that if they hold out long enough, you will give in, or something will change.

After a few meals pass and they haven’t eaten but a few bites, a pet parent might begin to worry and give in, running to the store and buying them something new and interesting to get them to eat. 

Of course, the Corgi will get what they want and win the battle.

Weeks or months down the road, and after much exhaustion and overspending or juggling many types of food, the pet parent begins to think that their Corgi is picky without realizing that they played a part in that pickiness.

The reasons or situations that bring about this type of behavior vary from one Corgi and parent pair.

While the situations that bring about picky behavior may vary, there are many things that a pet parent can do to prevent this issue and manage it if it happens.

Are Corgis Picky Eaters 1 Are Corgis Picky Eaters?

What can I do about my Corgis picky eating?

If you know your dog is healthy because they are eating human and other treats, what you can do about your Corgis picky eating is to remove the food. 

If they give you that this again looks and refuse to eat it, take the food bowl away in a matter-of-fact manner and return it to them later.

You can remove the food go about your business, assuming that they are not truly hungry right now like you would a child because you know they are eating other things, which tells you it’s not a health issue causing this problem.

Once you have done that, it is important to eliminate all treats for a time. 

How long this takes will depend on how headstrong and stubborn your Corgi is and how long they are willing to hold out.

One of the best ideas a dog has when they want gourmet food all the time with a lot of variety is to turn their nose up at the food bowl and refuse to eat as if it’s a diner and they have a menu.

Some of you might worry that not giving treats and taking away the food bowl will starve them. Not likely. Besides, you are not taking the food bowl away forever. 

You might take it away for a half-hour or an hour.

At that time, you would bring the food bowl back out with the same food and see if they are willing to eat it. If they haven’t come around and eaten after fifteen minutes, this step can be repeated.

This may seem frustrating. You want your Corgi to eat, and you don’t have time for this back-and-forth game. 

In truth, however, we as parents must admit our handling of the situations that might have caused the problem in the first place.

Therefore, the only way to stop this behavior and manage it so it doesn’t continue in the future is to deal with it now. 

Your Corgi isn’t going to starve if they miss a few meals, and dogs go without eating when they are sick and are fine.

If they don’t come around after a few times, you can throw away what is in the bowl, wash the bowl, make sure that it is clean and doesn’t smell.  

After that check to make sure their dog food is good, and then give them a fresh helping of the same dog food, if it’s not good you can run to the store and buy another bag.

Sometimes their dog bowl can smell off or be dirty, which we might not even realize, and they won’t eat their food for that reason. 

Other times dog food can go bad and since aren’t eating it we don’t even realize the problem.

Eventually, they will eat the food when they are truly hungry and realize that you are in charge, and this is the food on the menu. 

Once they do, you can decide how you want to proceed from day to day, meaning what foods you would like to serve them consistently and how.

When it comes to a Corgi or any dog, less is more. Less treats, whether human or specialty dog treats, less variety rather than changing up their food selection often, and less sharing of table food.  

This will help you manage the behavior in the long run and allow you to rest easy knowing you are in control of their diet.

This can be hard to do. They give you those adorable eyes, they bark happily and sit beside you, begging and you want to share a little here, and give a little extra there.  

Management of their diet is healthy and prevents you from making those treats and other things a part of their primary diet.

How long it takes for your Corgi to get the message will depend on how headstrong the individual dog is and their personality, as well as how much food they ate before this change.

Patience and persistence will win the day in the end, and you will have a new starting point with how you feed your Corgi, manage their diet, and reduce the chance that they become picky.

There are moments where not eating is not a sign of being a picky eater.  Dogs that don’t eat their dog food but are also turning up their nose at other delectable treats may be sick or have a health issue. 

Consulting their veterinarian is best to ensure that your Corgi is healthy and happy.

The best diet for your Corgi is one that is nutrient dense.  Dogs need plenty of protein and it should be the main ingredient in dog food and treats.  

The ingredients list should be minimal with no additives or unnecessary ingredients that don’t provide nutrition.

When sharing the food from your table, the best choices for you Corgi are fruits, veggies and pieces of lean protein

The foods that you share should not be laden with spices, sauces or other additives as some of them are harmful for your Corgi, and they are unnecessary.

Final Thoughts

Picky eating is a learned behavioral trait driven by Corgi’s environment and how their diet is handled.

Like humans becoming picky can happen at any time in their lives if the Corgis gets whatever they want as far as food and treats.

While this may seem like a clever idea at the time, we want them to know we love them and want them to be happy. There are often many other ways to show that love and create that happiness that doesn’t revolve around food!