Quaker Parrots: Are These Chatty Birds For Sale At Petco?

 If you’ve ever walked through the bird section of your local Petco store and heard a chorus of chatty parrots, chances are these Quaker parrots are for sale!

Does Petco sell Quaker parrots 3 1 Quaker Parrots: Are These Chatty Birds For Sale At Petco?

Does Petco sell Quaker parrots?

Quaker parrots are generally for sale at local Petco stores. It can depend on the demand for these chatty birds in that particular area. These birds typically cost between $400 and $600 at Petco. These prices may be influenced by factors such as age, color, and geographic location.

As a passionate bird enthusiast, I’ve been studying Quaker Parrots for three years. I’ve also been following the latest topics on these fantastic feathered friends. The extensive experience that I have with these chatty birds is immense. 

I’ve also constantly communicated with bird lovers on various online forums. As such, read on and learn a thing or two about Quaker parrots and their availability at Petco. 

Petco is one of the biggest and most well-known pet stores in the United States. Having been in business for over five decades, Petco is widely known for selling a wide range of pet products, including pet food and toys.

This pet store also sells live animals, including dogs, cats, fish, small mammals, reptiles, and birds. Speaking of birds, Petco does sell many birds, including Quaker parrots. However, the availability of Quaker parrots at Petco can vary by location and time of year.

Again, the availability of Quaker parrots at Petco is hugely influenced by factors such as supplier availability and demand for these birds in that particular area. 

It’s also important to note that you can only buy a Quaker parrot physically at the Petco store and not online.  

This is perhaps because of the challenges of shipping live animals. Some states and localities also have regulations that guide the sale of animals, which may limit Petco from selling you a bird online. 

Does Petco sell Quaker parrots Quaker Parrots: Are These Chatty Birds For Sale At Petco?

How Much Do Quaker Parrots Cost at Petco?

Knowing how much Quaker parakeets can cost at Petco is important, especially if you plan to own one. You can expect to pay between $400 and $600 for a Quaker parrot at Petco. 

While this is the initial purchase price, it’s important to remember that there will be ongoing costs of caring for your Quaker parrot. This can include food, bedding, toys, and veterinary expenses. 

Quaker parrots are known to have a lifespan of more than 20 years, so you have to be prepared for a long-term commitment.

Factors that May Affect the Prices of Quaker Parrots at Petco or Other Places

As noted earlier, the prices of Quaker parrots can vary widely depending on various factors. These factors include 


Young parakeet parrots will cost you more than an older ones. Younger birds are considered to be healthier and may have longer lifespans than their older counterparts. 

Again, breeders and sellers may charge you more for younger birds than older birds since raising young birds is time-consuming and labor-intensive.


Some Quaker parrots, such as blue parakeets and pallid, are considered to be rare and more expensive than other species or standard colors, such as green. 


Certain traits can affect the price of a Quaker parrot. This means birds with desirable traits will cost you more than those without. 

Does Petco sell Quaker parrots 1 Quaker Parrots: Are These Chatty Birds For Sale At Petco?

Geographic Location

A Quaker parrot is likely to cost you more if you live in an area with high bird demand.

Breeder or Supplier

The breeder’s or supplier’s reputation can influence the price of a Quaker parrot. If the Quaker parrot is from a breeder with a reputable track record of producing healthy and well-socialized birds, they may charge more for their birds. 

Other Places to Buy Quaker Parrots Other than Petco

You can consider other options if you want to own a Quaker parrot but can’t find one at the Petco store near you. They include

Local Breeders

A popular alternative for purchasing a Quaker parrot has to be local breeders. You can do a quick search online to help you find local Quaker parrot breeders in your area.  

These breeders are generally more knowledgeable about the birds they sell, which can benefit you. It’s, however, important to know how to choose a good bird breeder.

Bird Rescue Organizations

You can also consider adopting a Quaker parrot from a bird rescue organization. Many bird rescue organizations in the U.S. take in unwanted birds of all kinds, so you can find a Quaker parrot that needs a new home. 

Adopting a Quaker parrot from a bird rescue organization can help you save the initial purchase money.  One such place is the Palm Beach parrot and Bird Rescue.

Online Bird Marketplaces

There are several online bird marketplaces, such as BirdBreeders.com, where you can find Quaker parrots for sale. 

You can also look for Quaker parakeets at Petsmart. Like Petco, Petsmart is known for selling many breeds, including Parakeets, Cockatoos, Macaws, and many other types.

If you choose to buy a Quaker parrot online, it’s advisable that you do thorough research on the seller’s breeding mills. The pet industry is a constant threat to the population of parrots, and you do not want to buy a parrot from the black market. 

With that in mind, let’s compare the prices of buying a Quaker parrot at Petco and other places.

SupplierAverage Price RangeAdditional Info
Petco$400-$600Available in various colors and ages. Probably sourced from commercial breeders, which can raise ethical concerns.
Local Breeders$300-$500A local breeder can offer you more personalized advice and support on how to take care of your Quaker parakeet.
Bird Rescue Organizations$50-$300You have to pay adoption fees, which tend to be lower than initial purchase prices. It allows you to adopt a bird that’s in need of a new home.
Online Marketplace$200-$800Offers a wide selection of birds from various breeders nationwide. However, there are risks associated with buying birds online.

You have to remember that these prices are subject to change depending on demand and the availability of the Quaker parrots.

Tips for Caring for Quaker Parrots

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Now that we’ve looked at where to find parrots and the parakeet cost, it’s important to ensure that the bird stays in a safe home, is healthy and happy.  With that in mind, here are a couple of things to consider.


Quaker parakeets need spacious cage bars that give them enough room to move and play. The cage should be large enough for the bird to fully extend its wings and fly.

To be honest, Quaker parrots are wild animals, but once you’ve decided to take it as a pet bird, you have to ensure that its human home is spacious enough.


Quaker parakeets are picky eaters that require varied, balanced diets. You have to ensure that they have access to fresh fruits and vegetables and high-quality pellets. Also, make sure that the food bowls are always clean.


Birds are generally social animals that require interaction and stimulation to thrive. You should, therefore, spend time with your parrot or even consider adding another bird to offer companionship. 


Parakeets are intelligent birds that can be trained to do a variety of tricks and behaviors. Positive reinforcement training should be a top priority.

Key Takeaways

  • Quaker parakeets are a unique bird species and popular for their cheerful personalities.
  • Although Petco sells Quaker parrots, the availability of these birds at your local store isn’t guaranteed.
  • You can also consider acquiring your parakeet from a local breeder or a bird rescue group.
  • Factors that may affect the prices of your bird include age, color, and traits.
  • Remember, there will be ongoing expenses for care and maintenance.

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