How Big do Rottweilers Get? (Plus Size Info for Rottweiler Mixes)

Rottweilers are known to be huge dogs, but they are a slower growing dog. Due to this, many people may get very concerned when their rottweiler puppy is still very small. This post will include everything you need to know about your rottweiler’s size, now as a puppy and as a full grown adult.

How Big do Rottweilers Get?

The average female rottweiler weighs anywhere from 80 – 110 pounds. She stands 22 – 25 inches tall. The average male rottweiler weighs 110 – 130 pounds. He stands at 24 – 27 inches tall.

Of course, these dogs aren’t always this tall, so it is really helpful to be able to track their height and weight and compare it to averages other rottweiler owners have seen. This post will also include a series of rottweiler mixed breeds and their average heights and weights.

Growth of Rottweilers

Rottweilers rank as one of the larger breeds of dogs that many people have as pets, but their large size doesn’t come right away. Their growth is slow and steady.

Often times, as they are growing, they have an “awkward” stage where they seem very scrawny. This is not to be a concern, it is completely normal.

Rottweilers grow in height much faster than they gain weight, which is a large part of the reason they have their scrawny awkward stage. There is no real way to predict the size your rottweiler will grow to because every dog is different, but the average ranges in the list above.

Frequently, rottweilers don’t reach their full grown size until they are between the ages of 18 months and 2 years old. Some dogs in this breed even take longer, until they are 3 years old.

The website “A love of Rottweilers” includes a couple of great tables about the average weight and height over the first two years of rottweilers.


Age of RottweilerAverage Weight in pounds
Birth12 oz to 1.3 lbs
1 week old1.8 lbs to 2.6 lbs
2 weeks old2.9 lbs to 3.7 lbs
3 weeks old3.7 lbs to 4.9 lbs
4 weeks old4.9 lbs to 6.5 lbs
5 weeks old6.5 lbs to 8.6 lbs
6 weeks old8.8 lbs to 11 lbs
7 weeks old10.2 lbs to 13.5 lbs
8 weeks old12 lbs to 15.8 lbs
3 months old33 lbs to 38 lbs
4 months old43 lbs to 50 lbs
5 months old53 lbs to 60 lbs
6 months old63 lbs to 70 lbs
8 months old75 lbs to 85 lbs
10 months old85 lbs to 95 lbs
12 months old (1 year)90 lbs to 105 lbs
24 months old (2 years)105 lbs to 120 lbs


Age of RottweilerAverage Height in inches
2 months old13 in – 13.5 in
3 months old18.5 in – 19 in
4 months old19.5 in – 20 in
5 months old21.5 in – 22 in
6 months old23 in – 23.5 in
8 months old24.5 in – 25.5 in
10 months old25 in – 26 in
12 months old (1 year)25 in – 26.5 in
24 months old (2 years)25 in – 26.5 in

As we can see in the table, a rottweilers growth is very gradual and you don’t need to panic if you expected to have a huge dog. Trust me, they will get huge, enjoy them small while they are still like that.

The biggest growth spurt will occur in the first 8 months of your rottweilers life, but that won’t be all of it. During those months, especially the first 6 months, it is normal for your pup to gain around 5 ounces every day.

When your pup is 4 months old you can estimate their weight by doubling their current weight and adding 10 pounds. By the time he or she reaches 6 months, he or she will have reached a little over 60% of his or her full weight, and about 75% of his or her full height.

If you want to know what is possible for your individual rottweiler, there is a generator that can estimate the size your rottweiler will be once he or she reaches full grown at this website.

What Contributes to Rottweilers Size

The biggest thing that will contribute to your rottweiler’s size will be the size of his or her parents. If you average the height and weight of your pup’s parents, that will be pretty close to what your pup will look like when he or she grows up.

Rottweilers have the tendency to be overweight, so that is something to look out for.

Your rottweiler’s diet and activity level are also good factors to consider when trying to figure out how big your dog will be. Quality food and regular exercise can help unlock the strong beast inside your dog. However, there still is no way to know 100% how big you rottweiler will be.

Considering all of these things can help you get an estimate that is (usually) pretty accurate.

49195092 m How Big do Rottweilers Get? (Plus Size Info for Rottweiler Mixes)

How Big do Rottweiler Mixes get?

Rottweiler mixes can either be much smaller than a purebred rott or even bigger, depending on the other parent’s breed. Rottweilers are a very common dog to mix breeds with. Mixing rottweilers with other breeds is very beneficial for temperament issues as well as potential health risks.

Due to this, knowing the average sizes of common rottweiler mixes can be beneficial for you.

Golden Retriever Rottweiler Mix:

This dog averages a little bit smaller than purebred rottweilers.

What you will see commonly among most mixed rottweiler mixes is that the dog takes after the color of the rottweiler, while adopting the body of the other breed. This breed is normally 60 pounds to 90 pounds while being 24 inches to 27 inches tall.

Pitbull Rottweiler Mix:

Rottweilers and Pitbulls are very similar dogs, so the common rule I mentioned above doesn’t apply as much to this mixed breed. The ranges are a little wider for the weight of this dog because they could either take after the body of the pit or the rott.

On average they weight anywhere between 45 pounds and 100 pounds. They are usually 18 inches to 26 inches tall.

German Shepherd Rottweiler Mix:

75799813 m How Big do Rottweilers Get? (Plus Size Info for Rottweiler Mixes)

German shepherds are pretty big dogs. They are similar to the size of a rottweiler, so their size will be similar to that of a purebred.

The average weight of a German shepherd rottweiler mix ranges from 77 pounds to 115 pounds (very close to purebred rotts). Their height is usually between 22 inches and 27 inches.

Husky Rottweiler Mix:

This mixed breed also has a bit of a range for their weight. They can weigh in between 50 pounds and 100 pounds. They are usually around 21 to 26 inches tall.

French Bulldog Rottweiler Mix:

The French bulldog rottweiler mix takes after the body shape of a french bulldog, so this dog will be smaller than your average rottweiler.

Their weight range is between 25 pounds and 85 pounds. Their height can be anywhere from 13 inches to 25 inches.

Labrador Retriever Rottweiler Mix:

20864397 m How Big do Rottweilers Get? (Plus Size Info for Rottweiler Mixes)

Labs and rottweiler are closer to the same size as purebreds. Rottweilers are still larger, but these two breeds are a little closer in size, especially in the height.

Labs and rotties are pretty much the same height, but the rottweiler is a little bit heavier than labradors. The average size still clings more to the body type of the labrador.

Their weight ranges from 65 pounds to 110 pounds and their height can be 24.5 inches to 27 inches.

Newfoundland Rottweiler Mix:

These dogs are pretty big. Both breeds are large dogs, and newfoundlands are even bigger than rottweilers, so the size of this mix is larger than the average for purebred rotts.

The weight of this mix ranges between 120 pounds and 150 pounds. The height range is between 24 inches and 30 inches.

Pug Rottweiler Mix:

This mixed breed is commonly known as a miniature rottweiler. His or her body takes after the pugs, so they are pretty small.

Typically they don’t weight much over 20 pounds and are 11 inches to 12 inches tall when fully grown.

Pinscher Rottweiler Mix:

This mix is also referred to as a mini rott. These two dogs separately are very different in size, but their color is similar.

A pinscher rott mix really just looks like a filled out pinscher. Their weight ranges between 30 pounds and 60 pounds. They stand 12 inches to 14 inches tall, which is closer to the height of a pinscher.

Mastiff Rottweiler Mix:

This dog can be absolutely huge. The mastiff is a very large dog, weighing up to 230 pounds. Mixing that with a rottweiler makes the average weight anywhere from 120 pounds to 230 pounds. Their height is normally close to 30 inches, sometimes taller.

Border Collie Rottweiler Mix:

Border Collie’s are a little bit smaller than a rottweiler. The average weight of this mixed breed ranges between 30 pounds and 100 pounds. They stand from 20 inches to 27 inches tall.

Great Dane Rottweiler Mix:

Due to the Great Dane’s extremely tall height, this mix is very, very tall. The weight is a little bit closer to a purebred rottweiler, ranging between 145 pounds to 165 pounds, but the height is much different ranging between 32 inches and 33 inches.

Basset Hound Rottweiler Mix:

This mixed dog breed is similar to the pitbull rottweiler mix because the weight has a wide variety. Most of the time this mix adopts the physical traits of the basset hound, but they are a little bit taller than purebred basset hounds.

Their weight ranges from 55 pounds to 100 pounds and the height can range between 10 inches and 25 inches, depending on which breed’s physical traits are dominant.

Boxer Rottweiler Mix:

This dog is smaller, it isn’t as small as the miniature rottweilers, but it is smaller than many of the other mixed breeds. The average weight can be between 60 pounds and 80 pounds, while the height is around 20 inches to 25 inches.

Rottweilers come in all shapes and sizes, and just because they don’t reach full size as quickly as some other dogs, doesn’t mean anything is wrong with them. They will get very big before you know it.

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