Can Eight-Week Old Kittens Be Left Alone?

8-week old kittens look so small and vulnerable, it’s hard to believe just how independent they are.

Tearing yourself away from them to go to work or leaving them alone overnight may seem like you’re asking for trouble. After all, they’re so teeny tiny!

Can Eight-Week Old Kittens Be Left Alone?

Eight-week-old kittens can be left alone for short periods but not for hours on end. They are still incredibly young and need a lot of attention, affection, bonding, and care. They need to be properly socialized, which requires time and attention.

Eight-week-old kittens are not the best for extremely busy families or spend a lot of time away from home. These families are better suited to older kittens or cats.

Kittens of this age need access to their food as their bodies are still little, but they are growing up fast. On top of that, they are curious and learning a lot.

They will get bored or curious while their parent is away and can get into trouble or even hurt if left unattended in an unsafe home.

If the parent is going to leave the eight-week-old kitten home alone for any length of time, they should be left in one kitten-proofed room, so they don’t get hurt

The parent will also want to provide them with appropriate toys to amuse them, but they must be safe for the eight-week-old kitten to play with.

The room itself must be warm and comfortable for the kitten, so they don’t catch a chill, and they should have a few cozy places to sleep and rest. 

When the room is safe and comfortable, you can step away securely knowing that your eight-week-old kitten is safe, but you still shouldn’t leave them alone for long.

Kittens need a lot of attention at this early age, even though they may have been weaned from their mother and handed over by a breeder or rescue. 

It is uncommon for kittens to be adopted or handed over from the owner until much later, closer to twelve or even fourteen or sixteen weeks.

Can I leave my eight-week-old kitten alone at night?

No, it is not recommended that you leave your eight-week-old kitten alone at night unless you are just going to bed. Physically leaving the house is not recommended as anything can happen during this time.

If you are going to bed, you won’t be too far away, and should something happen, you will know it. If they need something, they can find you, and you can even make them feel comfortable in your room if you want.

Can Eight Week Old Kittens Be Left Alone 1 Can Eight-Week Old Kittens Be Left Alone?

Is it okay to leave my kitten alone for eight hours?

It is okay to leave an older kitten alone for eight hours, but it is not okay for kittens that are young, like eight or ten weeks old.

Kittens are growing, developing, and learning, and their curiosity can get the better of them. If your home or household isn’t kitten-proofed, longer periods away from home can spell disaster for your kitten and home.

If you absolutely must be away from home for eight hours or more, it is best to have a house and kitten sitter come in and care for them.

Your kitten needs many things, food, water, touch, and socializing, to name a few. It is always best to bring someone into the house that they are familiar with or know how to care for a kitten during this time.

It is a good rule of thumb to follow the one-month, one-hour rule. If your kitten is two months old, which is eight weeks old, they can be left alone for two hours maximum. Therefore, when your kitten is close to eight months old, they can be left alone for eight hours, but this still shouldn’t be done at night.

What is the proper way to leave my kitten home alone?

The proper way to leave your kitten home alone is to first prepare your home environment for safety. After that, you need to ensure that you have everything you need for your kitty first.

You will want to have their litter area set up and a few kitten-friendly toys. You will also want to have a food and water bowl set up for them to use while you’re away. 

There should be enough food for the time you’ll be away and water to hydrate them.

Once you have these, you can begin the routine. Before leaving the house for the short or longer journey, you will want to exercise them. You can use a toy to play with them, so they get tired. 

This playtime also offers them some bonding and affection time, so they don’t shy away from that.

This helps them relax better while you’re gone.

The room should be kitten-proofed, and the kitten should have a comfortable and cozy place to rest that can be anything they might prefer, and you have. 

A cat bed, an old pillow, or a fluffed-up blanket can be a perfect and economical choice.

When you leave, you will want to make sure the kitten has something to do or play with for amusement. Aside from this, nothing else is needed.

The one thing you should not do is make a huge issue out of leaving. Unlike a dog, you don’t want to make a big routine or production out of it

This way, the kitten isn’t stressed out. You can say a simple Bye-Bye and be on your way.

Upon returning home, you can move into their room, see if they need anything, food, or water, and clean up any messes. After that, you can spend time sharing touch and affection and some playtime and move on with your day as usual.

Closing Points

Eight-week-old kittens are too little to be left alone for extended periods as they need many things and can get into serious trouble when left unattended for too long.

At this age, short periods of time where their owner is away are best if the home environment is kitten-proofed.

When you do decide to leave your eight-week-old kitten alone, the process is straightforward and simple, and before long, they will be grown and spending more time alone as you get back to your normal life and schedule!