Do Jack Russells Shed A Lot

Are you wondering why your Jack Russells shed a lot? I was too so I did a little research to better understand it, and this is what I found.

Do Jack Russells Shed A Lot?

Jack Russells do shed a lot when compared to other breeds. While some may think, a Jack Russell doesn’t shed much because it has short fur, that is not the case. Jack Russells definitely shed a lot.

That’s not the whole story. There is a lot more to understanding Jack Russells and why they shed so much. Keep reading to learn more.

Why Do My Jack Russells Shed So Much?

That’s one question most dog owners find themselves asking whenever they observe excessive or abnormal shedding, without any reason.

If you are a dog lover, you must be familiar with the different dog breeds that make great pets. Jack Russells are among the most popular dog breeds that are excellent family companions.

It’s true that these lovable dogs may test your patience at times because they need lots of stimulation. However, Jack Russell is one of the best canine companions you will ever come across.

Since the dog breed is infamous for excessive shedding, let’s find out more about how much do Jack Russells shed and ways to manage this problem.

If your friend or a neighbor tells you that Jack Russell Terriers do not shed, they may not know anything about this dog breed. The truth is that a Jack Russell sheds more than several other dog breeds. Some dog owners believe that dogs with a shorter coat shed more. However, there can be exceptions where long-haired dogs shed just as much.

While Jack Russells may exhibit dominance and stubbornness at times, they can play for hours, making them excellent pets for families. However, you need to train them well to be around young kids. They are about 10 to 15 inches and weigh roughly 14 to 18 pounds.

As long as your dogs are not losing clumps of hair, shedding is a natural factor among several dog breeds. Dogs need to shed to maintain a healthy and shiny coat, so there’s nothing wrong with shedding.

However, if you feel that your dog is shedding unusually, you must make sure there is no underlying condition triggering excessive shedding.

Jack Russells Shedding: Causes

While Jack Russell Terriers are a high shedding breed, the shedding may become worse with seasonal changes. Another reason for abnormal shedding can be excessive bathing or skin problems. But instead of diagnosing issues for your dog’s excessive shedding, researching a bit or contacting your vet is the best way to overcome this problem.

Many dog owners observe that their Jack Russells shed more during the fall and spring seasons. However, many owners report that their dogs continue to shed all year round.

Before we offer tips to help your Jack Russell shed less, it’s essential to understand why shedding is critical. New hair replaces as dead hair falls out for creating a natural cycle. If your dog has a shorter cycle, you will observe more hair on your carpet.

Since short hair can needle their way into any fabric, maintaining your drapes and curtains can be a nightmare with high-shedding Jack Russells.

Jack Russells Shedding: Tips

Here are a few tips to help you manage this troubling situation.

Most dog owners don’t need to bathe their dogs for up to two to three months. However, that’s not the case with Jack Russells. That is because this breed was born to burrow into the ground and hunt for his quarry.

He loves digging in the dirt and has endless energy that can make him stay outdoors for long hours.

Do Jack Russells Shed A Lot 2 1 Do Jack Russells Shed A Lot

For that reason, bathing/grooming plays a crucial role when taking care of your Jack Russells.

Here are a few things to know and practice to make sure your dog usually sheds throughout the year.

Give Long and Frequent Baths

Grooming will have little effect if you don’t give your dog a thorough scrub. Owners who have this breed don’t have to provide a bath daily to their pets because it can dry out their skin. However, sleeping or sitting with a smelly dog is not how you imagine spending time with your pet.

If your dog stays mostly indoors, you can bathe him every two months. However, if your Jack Russell rolls around in the muck and loves being outdoors, he needs a bath at least once a month.

While bathing can’t eliminate shedding, scrubbing your dog frequently will undoubtedly minimize it. Whenever you are using grooming tools on your pet, remember to give him a bath to remove dirt and grease so you can easily comb through its fur.

Grooming Equipment

Towel-dry your dog after bathing him and avoid using a blow dryer. That’s because drying equipment works best for long-haired dogs. If you use a high-power hair dryer for short and smooth coat dogs, you can risk burning their beautiful fur.


Once you dry your dog, use a rubber brush or a stiff-bristled dog brush for brushing your dog. Using a rubber brush will remove any dead hair and will prevent you from pulling on his coat.

Since brushing is an excellent tip for reducing shedding, please don’t wait for your dog’s next bath to brush him. Stick to a regular brushing schedule and brush your dog every week.

Many dog owners report that brushing is one of the best ways to combat and control your dog’s shedding. If you think brushing helps your dog shed less, remember to brush your dog at least twice a week.

Another tip is to brush the excess fur off your dog when playing outside, so you have to clean up less inside.

Proper Nutrition

Another effective way to reduce Jack Russell Terrier’s shedding is feeding your dog essential nutrients. When you add adequate amounts of vitamins, minerals, and other helpful nutrients to your dog’s diet, the outcomes are more than reduced shedding. Your dog’s coat becomes shinier, softer, and less prone to damage.

These dogs typically weigh between thirteen and seventeen pounds and need roughly 450 to 650 calories/day. However, their feed can also depend on their activity level. Puppies may need 800 to 900 calories for their growing needs.

Make sure the diet you feed comprises at least 75% dry kibble. That’s because the crunchy texture of dry kibble reduces the buildup of tartar and plaque on your pet’s teeth.

While dental problems may not directly impact a dog’s shedding patterns, maintaining good oral hygiene of your dogs can help you avoid several health complications.

Remember to follow the label on dog food products that you are feeding to your pet. You can also inquire about your pet if you should give any supplements to ensure that your dog has enough nutrients.

Another essential thing to remember is to provide an adequate amount of water to your dog. If your dog’s diet comprises dry foods only, their coat will have less moisture. This lack of moisture will make their hair brittle and dry, thereby increasing their shedding.

Moisture-producing foods include green beans, apples, carrots, cantaloupe, and lean meat. Make sure your dog has enough of these essential foods in his diet for reducing shedding.

Cover your Furniture

While thick tip doesn’t reduce your Jack Russells’ shedding, it can protect your expensive furniture and luxury carpets to help you save on maintenance.

Removing or changing covers is more manageable than deep cleaning your furniture, or washing your curtains. Even dog owners who have seasonal shedders use furniture covers to maintain their homes.

Likewise, you can use covers for your car seats, dining table chairs, or outdoor furniture, so you don’t end up vacuuming your house every day. Invest in hi-tech vacuum equipment that makes cleaning easier during the shedding season.

Contact Your Vet

Seasonal shedding is a natural phenomenon. However, excessive or unusual shedding patterns may indicate underlying health problems. If your Jack Russells is shedding more than usual, get in touch with a vet.

Fur loss can signal a skin condition or severe health problems. Schedule regular appointments with your vet to make sure you don’t overlook any potential health hazards.

Your vet will often prescribe vitamins, supplements, or specific dog foods to feed your Jack Russells. These supplements and nutrients will balance the nutrient deficiencies that may be triggering shedding.

Do Jack Russells Shed A Lot

Bottom Line

Back in the 1850s, Jack Russells were purpose-bred to hunt foxes, just like Fox Terriers. Some of the most popular traits and attributes of this dog breed are their high energy levels and their relentless drive to hunt. These traits also make them great pets for your home and children.

Taking care of your Jack Russells is a joyful experience because these dogs have tons of energy to entertain you and your family. Don’t be upset or worried if your dog is shedding a lot because, in some cases, it can be quite familiar. However, follow this guide to make sure shedding is not an indication of an underlying medical condition.