Do Jack Russells Attach to One Person?

Are you wondering if adopting a Jack Russell will be emotionally rewarding or not? Well, I have some great news to share with you. Jack Russells are quite affectionate dogs and bond well with their owners.

People are often under the illusion that because Jack Russells are working dogs and have natural hunting instincts and high energy, they are not ideally cuddly. Well, once you do some research and talk to experienced Jack Russell owners, you’ll see that it’s a misconception.

Yes, Jack Russells primarily exist to hunt foxes away, but there is a big soft side of this fine breed. Today, we’re going to look at that soft side of our favorite Russell Terriers.

Jack Russells- How Affectionate They are

A Jack Russell only needs a committed and dedicated pet owner. With the right care, these dogs show love, devotion, and loyalty. They strive to please and impress their pet owners in every way possible. They are capable of building strong bonds, and if you give them the attention they deserve, they will serve you for life.

Due to their high energy, Jack Russells have a unique and adorable way of expressing their affection towards their owners. They follow you, cuddle, and are overly protective of you.

If some asked me, I’d say that it is the most special feeling in the world to have such unconditional protectiveness and love from my Jack.

If you would ask me to list down how I have noted my Russell expressing its attachment to me, I’d have difficulty listing it all down in one article for you.

I also encourage you not to allow the mixed-up stories to put off the idea of adopting a Jack Russell. In time, you will reap the rewards and become a firm believer that this breed is one of the cutest there is.

Once your pet grows a strong attachment to you, you will earn unwavering loyalty for life. The little Russell wonder will go to extreme lengths to protect its family and home. It will never fear or hesitate from launching into the most dangerous situations, where it comes to your safety or that of your family’s.

Many Jack Russell owners worldwide can share stories of how their dog rescued their home, family members, and even other pets from potentially dangerous situations. But this must not surprise, considering how Reverend John Russell created this unique breed with sole objectives of bravery and fearlessness.

Have you ever doubted just how much your Russell would grow attached to you? I have it on the best authority to claim that your compact little pet will never hesitate to stand between you and potential danger. Such is the limit of their attachment and bonding.

This loyalty feature is one of the most significant and outstanding attributes of the fine breed. We know and recognize Jack Russells for their unfailing and undying attachment, loyalty, and protection from harm.

What You Can Do to Facilitate the Attachment Between You and Your Jack Russell

You may have fallen entirely for what you’ve read so far. If the idea of this immeasurable and fantasy-like attachment and commitment from your Russell pet appeals to you, I have to tell you that it does not come about without efforts on your part.

Yes, by nature, Russells have the instinct of commitment, devotion, and loyalty, but it will not surface until you win it. To facilitate your precious little bundle of energy into forming an attachment with you, you must be ready to invest lots of attention and time.

Once you decide to become a pet parent to a terrier, you need to strike a balance of sanity in your home life with the dog. You will have to prioritize exercise, activity, playtime, training, and lots of discipline.

Most importantly, though, you have to accept and acknowledge the Jack Russell breed’s history and origin. There is a significant reason why they are what they are, and you must be ready to live with their hunting nature.

This streak runs deep in their breeding, and no matter what you do, even if you turn your Russell into a house-mouse, you will never be able to suppress their hunting-side. It is best to wholeheartedly accept your Jack Russell the way it is and build a life around its nature.

Give you Jack vigorous training and regular exercise in the early years. If you don’t provide the groundwork it needs, you will turn your Russell into an unmanageable, aggressive, and disobedient dog. Far from forming an attachment with you, it will only disobey your commands, barking madly, be dangerous for strangers and even be aggressive towards your guests.

To bring out the best in your Jack Russell, you must train it well and teach it to comply with rules and commands.

How to know if Your Jack Russell has formed an Attachment with You

I understand why pet parents can be overly concerned about their Russell forming an attachment with them. It is the main ingredient for a healthy and happy life together. This attachment and bonding develop as you, and your dog settles into life together and train, exercise, play and live together.

To ease your eagerness, I am sharing some signs that will tell your Russell has formed an attachment with you.

1.    Eye Contact

In basic obedience classes, your dog’s first thing will learn eye contact but mainly focus purposes. Mainly speaking, eye contact is somewhat a challenge we celebrate when a dog succeeds in it, but from a loving-relationship point of view, it is more meaningful.

So when your Russell starts making direct eye contact with you, it is a sure sign of its love and trust. It is the same for human beings: we dodge eye contact from people who intimidate or make us nervous, but for those we love and trust, we gaze right into the orbits. It is the same for dogs.

2.    Relaxed Body Language

In several articles, I mention that Russells are over-energetic creatures, which is one of their expressions of love. But it is also true that a dog, which has bonded with you, relaxes in your presence as a sign.

Hence, you may see your Russell bursting with excitement when you first arrive but then settling down quickly. Consider this as a sure sign of how connected it is with you to be able to let its guards down so entirely in your presence.

Do Jack Russells Attach to One Person?

3.    Returning to Your Side after Short Intervals

If your Russell has formed a solid attachment with you, it will look at you a lot. Now, this does not mean that it will glue to your side and gaze adoringly at you 24/7. No, it will tug on its leash like crazy upon spotting a pigeon or a fox but will soon return to you.

When your Jack keeps checking in on you after short periods, know that it is out of love and that you’re a lucky pet parent.

4.    Your Russell Starts Carrying Your Shoes Around

This goes for dogs of all breeds. Those that form a deep attachment with their owners will start carrying their owner’s belongings around. This is especially true for the more stinky items such as shoes and clothing.

So if you start seeing more of your shoes in Jack’s mouth than on the floors, just know that it’s their way of expressing love. I know it’s not a very romantic sight, but it is very cute!

However, I’d like to mention that you don’t always have to find favorite shoes messed up or laundry often disturbed too cute. It could also be a sign of separation anxiety from your Russell, and you need to take it up seriously.

5.    Always at Your Beck and Call

I don’t believe there can be a more recognizable sign than responsiveness. If your dog is all ears when you are speaking, obeys your commands instantly, it is the best sign of its attachment.

This is why trainers always recommend basic obedience training and one of the best ways of strengthening your bond.

Besides, recall and obeying your summons immediately is also an essential cue for your dog. It will keep your pet safe from potentially harmful situations. One call from you might save the dog from landing into trouble too.

6.    Keeps Coming to You for Physical Affection

It is unfair to limit physical affection merely to hugs because this way, you will never be able to judge whether your dog has grown attached to you. Your dog may enjoy physical affection in several other ways, such as petting, snuggling, leaning, etc.

If you find your Russell asking for this all too often, it is a clear depiction of its bonding with you. You can capitalize on this opportunity. Try to strengthen your relationship with the pet with more quality and affectionate time.

Final Thoughts

Jack Russells are among the most affectionate dogs and highly capable of developing lasting attachments.

They may have a hunting streak as part of their breeding and highly energetic nature, but they are the most devoted, loving, and loyal dogs.

With the proper training, time devotion, and practices, you can ensure you create reasonable grounds for a rock-solid bond with your dog. Here’s to love-filled pet parenting!