Do German Shepherds Bond With One Person?

My wife and I recently adopted a German Shepherd.  She is an adorable and loyal pup, but she seems to be growing extra, especially attached to me.  We both want her to feel comfortable and loyal to us both and aren’t sure if this is a breed characteristic.  We also want her to be a friendly dog that can spend time with the kids and grandkids.  We want to know if our German Shepherd bonds well with others or if she is a one-person dog.

We took to the internet and our mobile devices to dig up some details about this breed.  Read on to find out.

Do German Shepherds bond with one person?

Yes, the German Shepherd is a dog breed that tends to bond especially profoundly with one person.  They have the capability to bond with more than one person, but this training takes time and patience. 

This characteristic is part of their breeding as a working dog.  The close relationship between the German Shepherd and one person allows them to be the best dog that they can be at whatever they do. 

They are a loyal, friendly, and loving breed that will be protective and make an excellent watchdog.  This character is one of the reasons they are chosen for some very serious occupations in our community.  When their close bonding and sharp intellect are combined, they are efficient at their chosen profession, whether that is guard dog or something else. 

For those families or individuals that don’t mind this form of loyalty, it can create a strong bond between owner and dog.

The German Shepherd is a dog breed that was bred for work.  This work historically required that they spend a lot of time with their human companions while doing their job.  Loyalty and high intelligence are some of their strong suits and why they are so extensively used in military and police work today.

This loyalty usually requires that they bond very close and sincere with one person in particular.  This bond is typically strong and also felt by the owner or caregiver, which they connect.  This person will likely take care of their needs, food, water, sleep comfort, walks, and playtime.  This person becomes the person who knows them the best.

This bond creates the right environment for the German Shepherd to easily trust someone and do their job.  This job can vary from dog and household but most often includes guarding and protecting those around them.

Sometimes people will misunderstand this loyalty for favoritism and think that it means they can never be loyal to more than one person.  This situation is very far from the truth.  For the German Shepherd, the person who cares for them is the one they consider their leader.  This leadership is how they accept training, commands, and anything else they need to learn to do their job or perform in any aspect properly.

While they bond with one person, they can bond with many people, particularly those in their household or family.  This bonding is natural for them since they will be very protective of those in their family or home and take care of them.

The relationship is slightly different from what they have with the one person they consider their natural leader and caregiver.  They will be protective, loving, and affectionate to their family or household members but feel that one person is their caregiver.

They will learn from that person, follow their lead or command, and accept care from them.  This loyalty doesn’t mean that other people in the household or family shouldn’t feed them, play with them, talk to them, or instruct them.

If we think of this situation as when they were with their littermates or how children respond to their caregivers and family, it is easier to understand.

The German Shepherd mother will teach each pup the expectations of them.  They will receive care, love, and have their needs met by the mother dog.  The other littermates are on the same level as them, so they will consider them equal, family, and bond with them differently.  The littermates are no less loving or affectionate, just different.

It must be noted that German Shepherds do tend to select which person in a family or household they bond the closest.  If there is someone in the home chosen to be the natural leader or management, this person should take the initiative to become the German Shepherd’s primary caregiver.  Do this before the German Shepherd selects someone.

What are some ways to create a secure bond between owner and German Shepherd?

Yes, there are many ways to create a secure bond between the owner and the German Shepherd.

The best and most important way to do this is by spending time.  The person who wishes to bond the closest with the German Shepherd must spend adequate time with them.  This time must be spent in different scenarios, including training or teaching commands and socializing.

Other times can include caring for, feeding, and grooming them.  Playtime, adventures, and just spending quality time together, teaching, and working side by side will provide a natural and comfortable bond.

Treats are a great way to create a secure and happy bond between owner and German Shepherd.   It is an easy way to establish who the leader is; you provide the food that they eat.  However, this motivation can not be the primary method of bonding between owner and German Shepherd since they are not primarily motivated by their stomach.

For the German Shepherd, spending time together is the most important.  Secondly, having a schedule or routine that owner and dog follow will create a secure bond because it gives the dog something on which they can depend.

This routine or schedule will also establish respect in the German Shepherd because boundaries and rules are set that they can understand.  They will respect their owner and caregiver more because of this routine or schedule.

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Training in obedience and socialization will ensure a strong bond between the owner and German Shepherd.  This breed learns very quickly and is efficient so that training will progress to other areas.  These can include any work that the owner and German Shepherd might perform together side by side, and tricks, or other fun activities.

Is there any way to help a German Shepherd bond with more than one person?

Yes, there are a few things to do that help a German Shepherd bond with people other than their primary caregiver.

Allowing them to spend time with others in varying situations will help them bond with others.  This time can include going for a walk with another person and having another person feed them or care for them.  It can also include affectionate moments spent between the German Shepherd and other people.

This breed is a very loyal dog breed, but they do adjust easily.  The bonds that they form with others will never take the strong relationship they have with their leader and caregiver, similar to the bond they share with the mother dog.

The best way to promote this bonding with others is to ensure that the activities are fun and enjoyable.

Since they are a very active working dog, they require a lot of physical activity.  Those who wish to bond with them will find success in bonding over activities that offer the German Shepherd a chance to expel their energy and perform some work.

The more the German Shepherd spends time around many people, having fun, working, and living, the more likely they are to have a special bond with many people.

What are some ways the German Shepherd will show their close bond?

The German Shepherd will show their close bond with one person by staying close to that person’s side.  This closeness will show up as following them around, sitting at their feet or beside them, and looking at them for what to do.

In Conclusion

The German Shepherd is the closest humans will ever come to “man’s best friend.”  With their loyal and devoted nature, they form close bonds with the person who cares for them and spends most of their time with them.

This situation doesn’t mean that they cannot bond with others in the household or family.  With time, patience, and hard work, this dog will have a special bond with everyone.

Their hard-working and protective nature will naturally flow to those around them, creating a safe, loving, and thriving household.  Their character is one of the reasons they are chosen to work with the military and police.  They can be completely relied upon during stressful situations.

When all else fails, it may help to remember that this close bonding has a purpose for them and their owners and families.  If possible, embrace it and continue to create ways for the German Shepherd to bond with others!