Do Budgies Hold Grudges? Can I Make It Up To Them?!

Budgies are emotional and intelligent creatures. They can quickly form bonds with humans and other animals and highly value these relationships. However, if you notice a change in your budgie’s behavior and affection after it has adapted to the home, there could be something that it dislikes. Simple reasons like removing its favorite toy could make the budgie disgruntled. However, learning its behavior when and after it adapts to your home environment should help you understand its moods and emotions. Read on to learn about budgies and grudges. 

Do Budgies Hold Grudges 1 Do Budgies Hold Grudges? Can I Make It Up To Them?!

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Can a Budgie Be Mad?

Yes, budgies get mad and can hold grudges against you, your family, and other pets in the house. They are emotional pets that could get mad for different reasons, mainly involving how you show emotions to other pets or how you handle them. 

After adopting the budgie to your home, give it time to get used to the environment and other family members.

During this time, the budgie can act withdrawn, and you might think they are angry. But it’s the budgie’s way of fitting in the new environment.

Once it adapts to the new environment, you can relate to the bond and respect that the budgie has for you. It will be happy trilling and enjoying the social bond you share. 

If you give the budgie a reason to fear or fall out of favor with you, it will get mad. Also, If you don’t treat your budgie well, you’ll notice signs of fear and disrespect, showing that it’s angry. So, be mindful of how the budgie behaves around you and how you treat it.

Any changes like withdrawing or exhibiting aggressive behavior show that the budgie is mad. 

How Do I Know if My Budgie Is Mad at Me?

Do Budgies Hold Grudges 1 1 Do Budgies Hold Grudges? Can I Make It Up To Them?!

The most effective way to know if your budgie is mad at you is to monitor its behavior. Budgies are social beings but are quite fear-driven. So if they sense a change in how you handle them, they’ll start hiding from you. 

Look at how the budgie behaves around you and compare it with other family members. If there’s a distinct difference in the budgie’s erection, it could be having a personal problem with you. 

For example, if it shows aggression by biting your fingers when interacting with it, the budgie is mad at you. 

Look out for these signs to know if your budgie is mad at you:

  • Aggressive behavior like biting or raised wings
  • Screaming, hissing, or squealing
  • Hiding or turning away from you in fear
  • Uncomfortable body language cues and expressions

When you notice these signs, examine how you present yourself to the bird. Look at how you treat and show affection towards it. 

Then, find fun activities to do together. It will help you identify the problem and figure out a better solution. 

Why Does My Budgie Not Like Me Anymore?

There could be many reasons why your budgie doesn’t like you anymore. Most revolve around instilling fear or showing little to no affection in your actions. Understanding your budgie’s likes and dislikes helps you to identify why it doesn’t lie to you anymore. 

For example, the budgie might feel uncomfortable being held by human hands. The budgie will feel disrespected if you constantly pick it up without reading its body language. Consider the behavior around you and others to establish a pattern and reason. 

Here are some reasons why your budgie seems distant from you. 

Poor Handling

Excessive or unwanted handling of your budgie can cause it to resent you. But first, you must understand how your budgie likes to interact with you.

Watch its body language and feedback when interacting, feeding, or socializing with the bird. It gives you an excellent place to start when creating your social bond with the budgie. 


Budgies love getting constant attention. So, having a second pet, like a budgie or another bird, could threaten their position in your relationship. They don’t like feeling second in your thoughts or actions.

If you intend to bring in another pet, have a different person attend to the budgie simultaneously. This way, both birds always feel like they’re getting the attention they deserve. 

Your Behavior Around Them

Shouting, brawling, or scolding budgies could create distance between you and the bird. Though they are destructive and prefer to do things their way, be careful in how you communicate and train the budgies. 

Scolding them could make them fear you. They’ll shy away and will exhibit withdrawal behavior when around you. Use the reward method to keep up their good behavior. 

Look at how you wear and smell. For example, budgies are sensitive to bright clothes, and those that have their predators smell like cats and dogs. So align your clothes with what they prefer most to build trust in your relationship. 

Lengthy Lonely Periods

When you leave your budgie alone for too long, it starts to feel lonely and grumpy. If you are away for an extended period, get someone to be around the budgie and keep it company. 

Maintain a predictable schedule with the budgie to help build our relationship around trust and reliability. 

How Long Does a Bird Hold a Grudge?

Budgies can hold grudges from a couple of hours to several weeks. Experts lean towards how much they’re hurt and their relationship with the owner. Some owners understand how to repair their strained relationship, which significantly reduces the period the budgies hold the grudge. 

However, you should note that budgies have a special memory and could carry a grudge for an extended period if you don’t take action. You can tell from their behavior if they’ve let go of their anger and disappointment. 

How Do I Regain My Budgie’s Trust?

It will help if you woo the bird back to your good books. You mustn’t force it to accept your apology. Start with periodic visits to the cage to let your presence known. When it gets used to your company, give it treats and speak to it to recreate your relationship. 

Be alert to the budgie’s reactions and comfort. If your presence still affects how it behaves around you, it’s best to try another time. Keep your distance from the cage, but you can remain in the same room for it to notice and acknowledge your presence. 

Speaking to it softly and reassuring your love and affection helps repair your relationship. It reminds the budgie of your voice and helps it get used to it again. Don’t give up on your tries, even when the budgie refutes your attempts. When it feels comfortable for you to approach, it will cue you to come and play with it. 


Budgies are delicate but exciting pets to be around. If you know how to handle them, you’ll enjoy their company. If you trigger any fear or show unloving actions, it’ll withdraw. Depending on how you relate and repair your relationship, it can hold a grudge for quite a while.

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