Can Beagles Climb Stairs?

Stairs are great in homes, but will your beagle be able to climb up the stairs? Here is everything you need to know about if your beagle can make it up to the second floor.

Can Beagles climb stairs? Beagles are capable of moving up and down stairs if they are in good health. They may have problems if they are older or have bodily injuries that could restrict them from walking properly. Young puppies should be watched carefully and taught how to go up and down the stairs.

So, what are the benefits of climbing stairs and how do you teach them? We will discuss further on how to understand how your Beagle moves.

How Climbing Stairs Helps Beagles

Beagles are fun-loving pets that have high energy, enough to make it up the stairs. Walking up and down stairs is a great exercise for your dog, especially for Beagles with their high energy personalities.

Climbing stairs can actually be a great resource for Beagles if they’ve had surgery and need to strengthen their legs and hinds.

Here are some reasons why climbing stairs can help your dog:
  1. It is an intense workout, requiring the dog to lift his whole body to the next step. This can build hind muscles.
  2. It helps Beagles get their energy out.
  3. Builds strength in legs, back muscles, shoulders, and hips.
  4. Can help your Beagle lose weight if they are overweight.
  5. Helps them practice their coordination.
  6. Improves balance and helps them focus on being coordinated.

Climbing the stairs have several benefits, especially if it’s too cold or hot outside for your Beagle to run around and get their energy out.

It is an important part of Beagles’ health to get the exercise so that they stay physically well and not mentally well. Without exercise, dogs can turn to other means to get their energy out like destroying the house. So to avoid that, playing games using the stairs can really help.

Not only that, but Beagles are known for becoming overweight easily. By running up and down the stairs, Beagles are able to lose weight in a fun, and easy way.

Consider the stairs as a great exercise tool, especially if it is difficult to take your dog out of the house a lot.

In general, stairs are a great thing for Beagles whether it be for improving muscle strength after surgery, another source of exercise, a way of losing weight, or just for fun.

Can Beagles Climb Stairs?

Dangers of Beagles Walking on Stairs

Stairs are typically fine for Beagles to climb but it can be dangerous or bad for dogs if they have hip and knee problems. It can also be dangerous if there are items on the stairs that could cause them to fall down.

Stairs should also be cautioned if your Beagle is a puppy or is very old. Be careful not to let your puppy go on the stairs until after they are at least 12 weeks old. Older Beagles may have problems too, take caution in watching them so that they do not fall and injure themselves.

It is best to carry your puppy under this age and perhaps carry an older dog if they cannot climb the stairs at all.

For normal Beagles that are not old or super young, they should be fine to go on the stairs but there are some precautions you can take to help them have the best experience so they do not fall.

Here are some tips to help keep your stairs a safe place for your Beagle:
  • Have carpeted stairs rather than hardwood floors
  • Add grips to dog’s toes
  • Install a dog ramp
  • Remove items from stairs that could cause them to trip over
  • Make sure the area is lit well so they can see where the next step is

Carpeted floors cause less slipping than hardwood floors do. If you have hardwood floors, then you could try to get grips to add onto your dog’s toes. This can go over the toenails and help add traction to your dog’s feet. They are small rubber bands,

If your dog is continuing to struggle, it may be smart to get a ramp for especially older dogs or dogs that cannot climb stairs at all. It helps for when climbing from room to room that has small steps or for porches with a few steps.

Ensure that your dog can see the stairs by keeping it well lit and items off the stairs so they don’t accidentally trip and fall.

Be sure to notice that some dogs will be too old to walk up stairs or be injured and not able to. Make sure to make needed accommodations for them or help carry them if it is too difficult for them.

As you take these steps to prevent accidents, your dog will have the best experience with stairs.

Why a Beagle Could Be Afraid of Stairs

Some dogs can be very afraid to go on the stairs. If your Beagle is afraid of the stairs, it could be from multiple different reasons. Here is how you can find the problem and help your Beagle overcome their fear.

1. They could be afraid to go down the stairs because they physically are unable to.

There may be a paw that is hurting or arthritis that brings especially more pain as they put extra pressure on it while going up or downstairs.

Pay special attention to how your dog reacts as they put pressure on their legs while walking and attempting to go down the stairs.

2. Beagles could be scared because they are unfamiliar with stairs.

Your dog could be unfamiliar especially if they are used to living in a single-story house that never required them to walk upstairs. This will take time to help your Beagle become acquainted with the stairs. In the next section below we will discuss how to help teach your dog to climb stairs.

3. They experienced a traumatic experience with stairs.

They may have fallen off the stairs before or fallen from tall heights before which can make it difficult for them to trust the stairs again.

These issues may be hard, but with practice and hard work, you can teach your Beagle how to climb the stairs again.

How to Teach Beagle to Climb Stairs

graphicstock senior woman with dog inside of her house SAegyLKTZZ Can Beagles Climb Stairs?

Beagles typically will be able to climb stairs on their own, but sometimes some will have a fear of the stairs. Whether it be because of fear or because of lack of practice, you can teach your Beagle to climb and go down the stairs.

The best way that people help their dogs go up and down the stairs is by using treats. As you lure them up one step at a time with a treat, it becomes easier. This can be difficult if there is a whole staircase to climb, so start small with just a couple steps with pauses.

It is also important to praise your dog for going up each step so that they will feel accomplished and know that it is a positive thing to go up and down.

You can also help your dog get over their fear of steps by distracting them. Like we said with the treat idea, you can convince them to come up the stairs with a treat the same way you can get them to come up by distracting them.

You can do this by playing with them so that they follow you up a stair and then back down again.

Dogs will usually follow your lead so if you start going up or down the stairs and call for them, they are most likely to follow. It helps them when they are distracted because then they will forget their fears and go follow you.

The best tip to remember is to practice with your Beagle and be patient with them. It may take time, especially if they are afraid and have never done it before.

Let them learn gradually and over time they will become comfortable with the stairs. The same goes for relearning how to go up and down the stairs after a traumatic experience. It will take time to overcome it, but with patience and practice, they can overcome their fear, thanks to your help.