Are Huskies Good With Other Dogs? What About Small Dogs?

Huskies have a reputation for being social, but how far does that go? Are huskies good with other dogs, or does their sociability end with their owners? Because of how big huskies are, many people wonder: do huskies like other dogs? What dogs go well with huskies? You’d want to know the answer to these questions beforehand to decide whether you can introduce a new dog into your household or not!

Are Huskies Good With Other Dogs 1 1 Are Huskies Good With Other Dogs? What About Small Dogs?

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Are Huskies Good With Other Dogs? 

Huskies are not friendly and social, but they can get along with other dogs quite well, especially if they are trained for it. However, they do have a naturally high prey drive, and this makes them rather dangerous when it comes to smaller dogs.

When people ask if huskies are good with small dogs, the actual underlying question is: are they dangerous to small dogs? Knowing the behavior and temperament of huskies is good if you have one as a pet and want to introduce a new animal to the household.

We researched huskies, their instincts, and behavioral patterns, as well as asked experts what they think to find the answer to this question. 

Do Huskies Get Along With Other Dogs?

Huskies look stoic and somewhat fierce, but they are actually very fun-loving and humorous. They are very friendly and enjoy interacting with new people as well. 

But what about dogs?

We hear ‘opposites attract’ all the time, and this may be true for humans, but it never works out when it comes to dogs. You may think your dogs may get along because they’re both – well, dogs, but just like you have people you don’t get along with, so do your pets! 

Huskies are large dogs that can usually get along with most dogs, especially ones that are large, but this also depends on the type of socializing they got during their younger years. Huskies are pack animals by nature, so they do appreciate the presence of other dogs around them, and even more so if they live together. 

But huskies are also wary and don’t like seeing new animals around. If they see a new dog in a space that is theirs – or even if it’s not theirs! – they may react fiercely and try to start a fight. You can keep this in check by making sure your husky gets enough socialization at a young age so that they are not so reactive to other dogs around them.

For the most part, however, your husky will probably get along well with other dogs and enjoy playing around with them. The company of another dog makes your husky feel like they are not alone. 

The real question is, do huskies get along with small dogs?

Are Huskies Good With Small Dogs?

Are Huskies Good With Other Dogs 1 Are Huskies Good With Other Dogs? What About Small Dogs?

Because huskies are so lovable and sociable, it can be hard to imagine them as being dangerous – particularly with other dogs, who they love so much. 

The truth is, however, that they can actually be threatening. Not because they are angry or dislike other dogs, but because of their natural instincts.

Huskies have a very high prey drive. This makes them consider small animals as prey, and they are very likely to chase any small animals they see around – sometimes even to the point that they’d kill them!

These instincts would help huskies survive in packs because even though they aren’t hunter dogs, they are still likely to hunt small animals from time to time. These instincts remain even today, which is why so many huskies still chase small animals around. 

Huskies are also expert escape artists, so you shouldn’t let your husky go off without a leash, especially in open areas.

For smaller animals like cats, rabbits, or rodents, huskies can be outright dangerous. You can train your husky when they’re young by making them grow up around these animals to keep them from attacking later on in life, but even then, monitoring them is necessary.

When it comes to small dogs, however, things get a bit complicated. Huskies do get along well with dogs and can live very harmoniously with them. 

But they have also been known to attack small dogs in the past, and some of these small dogs suffer the same fate as other husky prey.

Some factors come into play here.

Food Aggression

Huskies with less food aggression are more likely to get along with smaller dogs. Food aggression is where the husky gets aggressive if you come near their food while they eat. If the husky is aggressive and another dog comes nearby, they may attack out of defense and cause the other dog harm. 

Even if your husky doesn’t show food aggression, it’s a good idea to feed a small dog separately and keep them away from the husky until they’re done eating. 

Obedience Training

Another major factor is how much the husky has been trained to be obedient. Of course, their instincts still exist – they are still going to want to chase the small dog and attack it, but because well-trained huskies are loyal and trusting of their owners, they have good command over their instincts and will respect the commands they’ve been given. 

Training also makes sure that the owner can sense when the husky is getting aggressive and can calm them down if they start getting tense. 


Another thing that affects your husky’s attitude towards smaller dogs is age. Younger huskies will understandably be more likely to get along with smaller dogs than fully grown ones. This is because they haven’t yet developed their instincts fully, nor have they grown into their personalities. 

If you intend to keep your husky with a smaller dog, it’s best to introduce them when the husky is younger. As they grow, they’ll see the small dog as part of their family or pack, rather than as prey. 

Still, there is always the risk that the husky may grow up and become aggressive towards the smaller dog, so you should still be monitoring them. 


Understandably, personality also makes a difference. If the husky is more docile and friendly, there is a high chance they can get along with smaller dogs quite well! They may even get along with other smaller animals like cats! 

But on the flip side, some huskies are simply not suited for sharing their space with other dogs. You may even have a husky who will not get along with other huskies.

In any case, you can never be sure whether your husky is suited to living with smaller dogs or even being in the same space around them. The safety of both dogs is important, so if you think your husky is more prone to aggression, it’s best to keep them away as much as you can. Even if your husky is friendly and gets along with other dogs easily, it’s always a good idea to monitor both to make sure nothing bad happens. 

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