Why Does My Cockapoo Smell So Bad?

I have had my Cockapoo for a few months now and notice he smells bad.  I don’t know what is causing this, but I have a hard time dealing with this smell.

Curious to know why he smells and what I can do about it, I did a little research.

Why does my Cockapoo smell so bad?

One of the reasons your Cockapoo smells so bad could be, from a dirty coat of fur.  Perhaps he rolled around in something that he shouldn’t have.  Another reason that a Cockapoo might smell so bad is because of ear issues.  Other reasons a Cockapoo might smell bad include diet and even their anal glands, which may need expressing.  Infections in various parts of the body can also cause a Cockapoo to smell bad.  Still, some causes can include bad breath and teeth issues. 

Whatever caused the Cockapoo to smell bad, it can, in most cases, be easily remedied or fixed and sometimes prevented for the future with the right tools and a proactive attitude towards the matter.  The reason Cockapoos smell bad is often the same as other dog breeds. 

When your Cockapoo smells bad, giving a bath can be helpful, as can daily or every other day brushing to remove dirt, tangle and knots.  This grooming can reduce the chance that issues go unnoticed for any length of time.  These issues can promote a Cockapoo to smell bad for longer than needed. 

If your Cockapoo smells bad and it doesn’t appear to be easily remedied, a trip to their veterinarian can bring peace of mind and sometimes relief from the stink.  Cockapoos, like other dogs, do smell bad from time to time but are generally considered a dog that stinks less than others.

Cockapoos are cross-bred dogs between the American Cocker Spaniel and Poodle.  With this cross, they can have a fur coat that can be a bit longer, which means more dirt and dirtiness.

Cockapoos can smell bad if their fur coat is dirty, which can happen for a variety of reasons.  Most commonly, this is related to them rolling around in something stinky.  This could have been accidental, or perhaps on purpose, depending on the dog.

Cockapoos can sometimes smell bad because of ear issues, excess wax, and sometimes even infections of the ears.  Again, good hygiene and body care can minimize or eliminate these issues if a Cockapoo smells bad.

Diet can also affect how a Cockapoo smells.  A poor diet affects everyone, including a Cockapoo.  Unhealthy dog food that doesn’t offer the proper nutritional ingredients can affect the way the Cockapoos coat of fur looks and sometimes make them smell bad.

Like other dogs, Cockapoos can have issues with their anal glands.  If these issues arise for the Cockapoo, they may smell bad and need to take a trip to the veterinarian to address this issue.  This smell can sometimes give off a fishy odor that can be distinct and easy for pet parents to distinguish from another odor.

Many dogs, including the Cockapoo, can naturally express their anal glands when they are fearful or experience extreme stress of anxiety.  If this smell doesn’t appear to go away or lasts for a long period of time, it is best to consult their veterinarian.

Infections in various parts of the Cockapoos body can cause them to smell bad.  Infections can be hard to treat and most often need to be addressed with their veterinarian.  If an infection is suspected, whether ear, tooth, skin, or another area, their veterinarian will know how best to treat the issue.

Having a proactive attitude and some handy tools can often help uncover what is causing the Cockapoo to smell bad and possibly reduce or eliminate it in the future.

Even though a Cockapoo can sometimes smell bad, just like other dogs, they are not usually a very stinky dog like some other breeds.

Regular bathing, grooming, and good hygiene habits can reduce stinkiness or address issues when they arise, sooner rather than later.  During these sessions, it is a good idea for the pet parent or caregiver to inspect the Cockapoo that smells bad.

They can look for issues on the body related to infection, irritation, and inflammation that can cause a Cockapoo to smell bad.  The examination should include ears, teeth, skin, fur, and any other area where problems could arise.

If these grooming and bathing habits are performed regularly, and the Cockapoo still smells bad, it might be a good idea to schedule a veterinary visit.  Underlying health issues could potentially be causing a stinky smell that only a veterinarian could diagnose.

Whatever the reason for a Cockapoo or other dog to smell, good hygiene can reduce the issue.  For a Cockapoo that isn’t prone to large amounts of stink, there is usually something that needs to be addressed when they do.

What kind of diet should I feed my Cockapoo to stop them from smelling bad?

The best kind of diet to feed your Cockapoo, to stop them from smelling bad is one that provides the most nutrient-dense food.

Dog food that is rich in protein will promote a healthy dog, including skin and fur.  The same can be said for dog treats.  Any dog food chosen should show protein as the main ingredient at the top of the list.

Dog foods that list grains in the ingredients list can be tempting to purchase but have little nutritional value for a dog.

Fish oils and certain other oils like olive and coconut are rich in Omega-3 and Omega-6 which can help promote good health in a Cockapoo.  They should, however, be discussed with the veterinarian before administering to ensure that they are safe for the individual dog.

Besides that, keeping human foods to a minimum unless they are protein-packed, or a vegetable or fruit can promote good health and help keep a Cockapoo from smelling bad.

Good nutrition is the foundation of all health for everyone.  While genetics determine what we get, diet and lifestyle determine how our body responds to genetics.

A good diet may not prevent the Cockapoo from smelling bad, but it can prevent that smell from being strong and overpowering.  It can also decrease the chance that the Cockapoo smells bad because of infections.  Infections can be higher when a dog is unhealthy or eating a less than adequate diet.

Should I schedule regular bathing and grooming sessions or wait until my Cockapoo smells bad to bathe?

To reduce the chance that your Cockapoo will smell bad, you should schedule regular bathing and grooming sessions.

As with humans, bathing and grooming a Cockapoo is a normal and important part of our lives.  It helps keep a Cockapoo from smelling bad but also helps address issues that might otherwise go unnoticed.

While it might seem like a good idea to wait until the Cockapoo stinks to bathe and groom them, this doesn’t promote good overall health.  By the time they begin to stink, the issue that brought the bad smell can be out of control, such as an anal gland issue.

It could also affect their health in other ways, like promoting the continued growth of an infection that a veterinarian should treat.  Regular grooming habits do two things.  Number one, they clean the body and encourage cleanliness.

Number two, good grooming habits can help address issues as they arise, but before they become serious or more complicated.

If my Cockapoo smells bad, how can I prevent him from rolling around in things he isn’t supposed to do?

For the Cockapoo that smells bad and has rolled around in something stinky, there is often no way to prevent this.   Cockapoos, like other dogs, can have great fun in locating and exploring stinky stuff as they often appear attracted to them.

Keeping a close eye on the Cockapoo can help ensure that they behave themselves, but even then, there will still be moments where they might sneak into that dirty pile of stuff and smile at you while doing so.

Why Does My Cockapoo Smell So Bad

Creating a comfortable and secure yard can be beneficial.   This can include eliminating the stinky plants and other things that a curious and adventurous dog might decide to explore.  It may not eliminate them though, such as the sneaky stray cat that left Its mark next to the oak tree.

For those dogs who cannot control themselves, even with training, it can be beneficial to keep them on a leash when outdoors and a close eye on them.

Even then, it might not be entirely possible to keep a wandering and curious dog from exploring things they shouldn’t, such is the life of a dog.

Often, it is better to simply address the issue by performing daily or every other day grooming session.

Closing Points

While all dogs can smell bad, some dogs do, more than others.  Thankfully, the Cockapoo isn’t one of those dog breeds.

When they smell, some distinct clues can help a pet parent discover what is wrong.

Aside from that, when the stink arrives, placing a clothespin on the nose for a time, can help provide relief to weary pet parents! (Okay, so maybe I am kidding about this one)