When Do Yorkies Shed Their Puppy Coat?

When your Yorkie gets older, they will need toe exchange their puppy coat for an adult one. Since the Yorkie is different than many other dog breeds, you may not notice shedding as much. But when do Yorkies tend to shed their puppy coat and what should you expect when that begins to happen?

Yorkies will get their adult coat starting when they are six months old. During this time, the hair color will change and the hair will get longer. Yorkies shed minimally so you may not notice any hair loss at all outside of brushing and grooming the puppy. Instead, the Yorkie coat will just change color as they age without the puppy coat shedding.

Let’s take a closer look at the color of the Yorkie coat, when the puppy will shed that coat for their adult one, and how to properly take care of the Yorkie.

When Will My Yorkie Shed Their Puppy Coat?

Yorkies are known for not shedding much. Some Yorkies tend to not shed hardly at all, or at least not as noticeably as other types of dogs. This is part of the benefit of choosing this dog compared to one of the other breeds with more hair out there.

For the Yorkie puppy, the shedding will often happen sometime between the ages of 4 to 6 months old. The new adult standard coat will start to develop once all of that puppy coat has a chance to shed. Yorkie puppies are not going to shed the same way that other breeds do, but the puppy will still get that coat change. This coat change can happen without lots of hair everywhere.

During this time, you may also notice that the texture and the color of the coat will change. The fur will get thicker and it may change from the black and gold coloring to more blue and grey in color as they reach maturity.

There are some Yorkie owners who report that their Yorkies do not shed at all, even when they are moving over to the adult stage. On the other hand, there are some Yorkie puppies who may shed a little bit until the adult coat starts to develop. It is hard to predict whether the puppy will shed, even with a purebred Yorkie. For the most part, it is nothing to be concerned about and you may only notice it by brushing out the puppy.

When Do Yorkies Get Their Adult Coat?

When your Yorkie puppy comes home with you, they will come with a black and gold/tan coat. This coat will vary depending on the parents and the unique puppy. As they get older, you will start to notice that the coat turns to a different color, usually a bluish or greyish color depending on how the pigment works for them.

This change will start to happen when the Yorkie puppy is about six months old. This is the time when most Yorkies will start to get into the adult coat that they will have for the rest of their lives. Some will wait a little longer and may not start to develop their adult coat until they are closer to one year old.

This process does take some time, which is why the Yorkie may not appear to shed as much as the other breeds of dogs. While it may start when they are six months old, they could be between 12 and 18 before it is done. This slow change allows it to happen more naturally without the hair having to fall out to allow new hair to come.

As your Yorkie starts to get their adult coat, make sure to do proper grooming. Since they will not shed any of the hair, continue to groom it by brushing and even with haircuts to make sure that it does not get too long. The Yorkie’s hair will continue to grow, but since their height is shorter, you should keep up with this to prevent them from tripping or getting the hair into a matted mess.

Does Yorkie Puppy Hair Fall Out?

It is a misconception that many Yorkie owners have that the puppy should shed their coat. This is often due to the fact that Yorkies have their fur change colors when they get to six months of age, though some puppies may take a little bit longer. When this time happens, new hair growth is going to show up in a lighter color than what the puppy coat would have. However, this is not going to affect the normal shedding rate.

This will also be something that takes place over a period of months. The puppy does not wake up one morning and have the different colored coat that they will have as an adult. It is something that will take several months to occur. This is why it can occur without any shedding to worry about either.

This is something that holds true for Yorkie puppies of all sizes, even the teacup Yorkie. As long as your Yorkie puppy is developing well and eating healthy, then their shedding patterns are not going to change that much during their lives. You should not see the hair falling out, even when it changes colors. If you notice that the hair is falling out, then it is time to talk to the vet.

How Much Do Yorkies Shed?

One of the benefits of choosing a Yorkie puppy to make as your new family pet is the fact that they do not shed that much. They may occasionally release their hair, but it is very small amounts and they do not shed seasonally, which can be nice.

Many of the other types of dogs that you can choose will have an outer coat that is stuff and hardy. Underneath this is a soft, insulating undercoat. These breeds tend to shed the undercoat seasonally. This allows them to have extra insulation during the winter and then shed it during the summer. Yorkies do not have this.

Yorkies have just a single layer coat that is hair, while other dogs have fur. This is similar to what we find with other breeds, but the Yorkie does not need to shed and then regrow this coat each year. The hair of the Yorkie will continue to grow, which is why the Yorkie is able to grow a longer coat.

With this in mind, the Yorkie, no matter the age, will continue to grow until you cut it. They will shed a little bit through the year, dropping just a small amount of hair, similar to how humans may lose a bit of hair here and there. This is what makes the Yorkie a hypoallergenic dog. You may only notice that the coat has shed when you brush your Yorkie and notice a small amount of the hair in the brush.

When Do Yorkies Shed Their Puppy Coat?

Your Yorkie is not going to shed that much, no matter what their age is. You may need to brush their hair to make sure none gets stuck inside and to keep them healthy. But you will not see a lot of hair on the couch or on the floor, no matter how long the Yorkie stays in your home. If you notice a lot of hair is falling out all of a sudden, this could be a sign of illness and you need to discuss it with their vet.

Will I Notice When My Yorkie Sheds Their Puppy Coat?

Whether you will notice your Yorkie puppy shedding their puppy coat will depend on the puppy. Even when the puppy does shed, you will only notice a little bit of hair coming lose. Often this happens when you are grooming the puppy, something that you need to maintain and keep up with to help maintain the look and appearance of your Yorkies hair.

For some Yorkie puppies, it is not easy to see any shedding. They may change into their adult coat without any noticeable shedding at all. This is why many Yorkie owners love having this kind of dog around; they do not have to worry about the hair getting everywhere and causing a mess.

Even when the Yorkie does shed, the amount of hair that is released is relatively small. With some regular grooming, you can take care of the shedding and not have a mess around your home as your Yorkie switches to their adult coat.

Taking Care of Your Yorkie

The best way to prepare your Yorkie for their adult coat is to take proper care of them. This includes proper grooming, bathing, and good quality food for their coat to stay nice and shiny. Plenty of exercise can be good for your Yorkie as well. If you are concerned about how the coat of your Yorkie looks or you suspect that too much shedding is going on (and there should be minimal), then it may be time to discuss with your vet if there are any other health concerns you should be aware of.