What Age Do Shelties Naturally Calm Down?

A Sheltie is a wonderful addition to any family. They have a lot of energy and like to jump around and have fun. Many families love to have this dog because that natural energy goes well with their children. However, many wonder if the Sheltie will natural start to calm down as they age.

Shelties often calm down as they reach the age of 2.5 to 3 years old. By this time, some of the puppy energy will fade and the dog will learn how to properly behave when around you and others in the family. This does not mean all of that energy will disappear though, and they will still need attention and plenty of exercise each day. As the Sheltie continues to age, the energy will slowly reduce.

Let’s take a closer look at the age that Shelties naturally start to calm down more and how you can work through all that extra energy to help your dog feel better and not drive everyone crazy.

What Age Do Shelties Naturally Calm Down?

Sheltie puppies are often the most active, just like with other dog breeds. They finally learn how to manage some of the energy and are getting older so there isn’t quite the same amount of energy for them as there was when they were a puppy. It is not uncommon to find your Sheltie calming down when they are between 2.5 and 3 years of age.

This does not mean that your Sheltie will all of a sudden start to sit still for long periods of time or that they will never have energy again. They still need to go on long walks, have the proper training, get attention, and have someone play with them to get the energy out, especially if you leave them in your home alone while you are at work during the day. This simply means that you will see a noticeable change in how crazy their energy is when they get to be around 3. Years old.

This will vary based on the specific dog though. Some Shelties maintain their energy for much longer, and may still be hyper for longer than the 3 years. You must keep them active and help them wear out some of that energy, regardless of whether they have been able to calm down or not. Some Shelties may be hyper and struggle to calm down because they are bored. Taking the time to pay attention to them and helping them have something to do can make this easier.

As your Sheltie gets older, they will calm down more and more. A Sheltie who is ten years old will not be as hyper as a little puppy or a younger Sheltie. Just like with other dog breeds and with humans, Shelties will slowly start to wear down and not have as much energy as before. Since this is a hyper and active dog, it is unlikely that you will see as big of a difference between them as you do with some of the calmer breeds, but there will be a difference.

No matter the age of your Sheltie, you will need to keep them active and help them to wear out that energy. This is not a dog that sits around all the time and does nothing. They like to be active, to learn, and to have fun. Be ready for a lifetime of long walks, running around outside, training, and playing to help this dog stay healthy and to monitor the energy levels in them at least a little bit.

Are Shelties Calmer When They are Older?

Generally, yes, the Sheltie will be calmer as they get older compared to what they were as a puppy. Some of that childhood energy for the Sheltie when they were a puppy will begin to fade away as they get older and learn to control that energy as well. Good training and plenty of exercise can help to limit the excess energy that this dog may enjoy as well.

Many dog owners worry that the over exuberance of their Sheltie when the dog is first brought home as a puppy will never fade. The energy will abate a little bit over time. Just like with any other breed of dog, the Sheltie will start to slow down a little bit and you may notice that they have less energy than before. They will still be pretty active though and you may notice that the energy is still higher than with other dogs.

If you notice a huge decrease in the energy of your Sheltie that seems sudden, it may be time to visit their vet. It is possible that they are getting sick and need someone to take care of them. The vet will be able to do a full exam and determine what may be wrong and how you can help them. The energy level of your Sheltie will slowly go down, but it should not seem like it decreases overnight. These are active dogs and remain fairly active throughout their whole lives.

How to Help My Sheltie Calm Down?

All dogs slowly start to calm down as they get older. In the meantime, you may have a Sheltie who is really hyper and does not like to sit still that much. All that extra energy my drive you crazy and you may wonder what you should do to keep that energy down and help give you a little bit of a break.

The good news is that there are steps you can take to wear down the dog and help them remain calm. Some of these include:

Give Them Exercise

Shelties are a breed that need a lot of exercise to help wear out their energy. If they have been sitting at home alone all day with no one to play with, they will naturally be hyper, no matter what their age is. You will need to give them a lot of exercise to help get the energy out and make them feel better and to calm them down.

It is a good idea to take your Sheltie on at least one long walk a day. If you have time, doing one in the morning and one in the evening is a good idea as well. This helps them to get out and enjoy some of the fresh air and can stretch those legs to wear them out. Aim for at least a half an hour walk, though an hour or more is often better. Time to run in the backyard and to play with you can be important to help your Sheltie wear out some of that excess energy from being inside all day.

What Age Do Shelties Naturally Calm Down?
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Play Games

Your Sheltie likes to play lots of games. And the more active the game, the more it can help them calm down when you are done. You can have them play fetch and get them to run around the yard catching a stick or a ball or something else. Tug of war with their favorite rope can be a good option too. The longer you can do this, the more the energy of your Sheltie will wear out too. Your Sheltie will love spending time with you so give them the love and attention they need and see how much that helps to lower their energy levels.

Do Training

Your Sheltie is smart and they like to use their brains. Taking some time to do training sessions can help get that mental capacity at high gear and can wear them out a little bit as well. It also helps to prevent boredom so your dog does not try to take over the house with their jumping and crazy antics. Set aside some time when your dog is really hyper and active and work on teaching them new tricks. It is a good bonding experience for both of you.

Let Them Play with Other Dogs

Socialization is important in Shelties. It allows them to have a way to meet other dogs, learn how to behave, and will get some of that energy out. If you know someone who has a Sheltie or another high-energy dog, then set up playdates between the two of them to get some of that energy out. If you do not know someone who has a dog that your Sheltie can play with, consider sending them to a day camp or another option where your dog can meet someone new!

Shelties Have Lots of Energy

Shelties are not a quiet lap dog that sits there and likes to be petted all day. While they love attention, they also have a ton of energy that they need to release and get out quickly. Giving them a lot of exercise and activity will help to wear them out and can make it easier to keep them calm so you can have a break. Try out a few of the suggestions above and see what a difference they can make.