Barking can be a difficult habit to train out of a dog, and not all pet parents want to sign up for a breed of dog that barks more than others. It’s true that some breeds are more prone to barking than others, so if you’re considering a Shih Tzu, you’re probably curious whether or not they are big barkers.

Do Shih Tzus Bark A Lot 1 Do Shih Tzus Bark A Lot? Get Peace In Your Home Again!

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Do Shih Tzus Bark A Lot?

Shih Tzus tend to bark a lot, but there are ways to make it less of a problem and life easier for everyone in the home. Not all Shih Tzu bark a lot, and some might not bark very rarely. Barking, like other behaviors, is linked to many factors, including their home life, who they are as a dog, and what triggers their barking.

Shih Tzus is a dog breed that doesn’t usually come with many behavior issues. They are sweet and loveable and get along with almost everyone. While they are small, they have a great personality and many positive qualities.

Even though they are wonderful, they can have a horrible habit of barking non-stop. Depending on the Shih Tzus life circumstances, some parents might find this very annoying or hard to live with.

Thankfully barking is a habit that can be controlled with proper training and social skills. From as young as possible, socializing a Shih Tzu and training them can reduce the chance that barking becomes an issue.

Even if a Shih Tzu puppy is properly trained and socialized, a pet parent needs to know they may still bark sometimes, and sometimes more than anyone would prefer. Living with a dog isn’t always peaches and roses, like living with the rest of the family.

Sometimes we have to make adjustments out of love for our dog. It is always a good idea to thoroughly research a breed, including the Shih Tzu, to determine if that dog breed is right for your life and home environment.

It is important for potential pet parents to know themselves well and be honest about what they can and can’t accept. If barking will be hard for them to handle, it may be best to select another breed that doesn’t bark a lot.

Some Shih Tzu will howl or make other noises more than barking, some will bark and make those noises a lot, and others still will make hardly any noise.

Often a breeder will have an idea about the particular Shih Tzu puppy you adopt. They will know the puppy’s family background and a bit about the puppy from when they were with their litter mates and mother. This knowledge can go a long way to helping a potential parent pick the right puppy.

When Shih Tzus bark a lot, they may bark at everything from the dog across the street to people riding by on a bicycle to the bird in the tree.

Besides barking a lot, Shih Tzus are wonderful dogs that blend well with many families and lifestyles.

Do Shih Tzus Bark A Lot 1 1 Do Shih Tzus Bark A Lot? Get Peace In Your Home Again!

If my Shih Tzu barks a lot, how do I stop it?

If your Shih Tzu barks a lot, you can never really stop it. Barking is a dog’s way of communicating, much as we have conversations and talk. It is possible to reduce unnecessary barking or teach them to bark only when necessary, but all dogs bark.

Socializing can help with stopping your Shih Tzu from barking so much. Socializing can be thought of as passive training, and a Shih Tzu will learn what to do and not based on the behaviors of the other dogs they are around. This may or not be helpful in your own unique home life.

Training also helps with barking. Every dog should have some form of training beyond potty or house training, and training teaches a dog how they are expected to behave in the home and life.

For a dog like the Shih Tzu that has so many positive qualities, it may seem unnecessary. Still, formal training can be helpful when it comes to barking, and they can learn when they are allowed to bark and when it is discouraged.

The pet parent can do formal training if they feel capable of the task and have the time, patience, and energy to do it. If that is not the case, formal training with a professional is another option. It will be pricier than doing it personally, but sometimes that cost is worth it for peace of mind and simplicity.

The first step in personal training is to pick a time in the day that is good for everyone. Don’t pick a time when you or the Shih Tzu is stressed, busy, or can’t pay attention. Also, have treats on hand because rewards are a big part of personally training your dog.

They need to be rewarded for the right behaviors, to learn what isn’t right.

Multiple methods can be used for training any dog not to bark. Which method works for the parent and puppy pair will depend on them. Using a muzzle can work but is not always recommended as it restrains the dog, which is negative.

Often it is best to use positive reinforcement rather than negative.

Probably the best method is to ignore the barking. This can be easier said than done, especially with a Shih Tzu that barks a lot, but it works.

Barking means the Shih Tzu wants your attention. You will have to not pay attention to the request, and this means until the barking stops, eventually it will.

You can use this method during everyday situations at home or anywhere and only acknowledge the barks you find acceptable, like when the mailman shows up, or someone knocks on the door.

During the barking, you don’t want you shouldn’t look at them, don’t make eye contact, don’t say anything, or show any signs of attention. When it stops, you acknowledge that and offer your words of praise and, of course, some treats.

During the acceptable barking, you can acknowledge the barking and reward if you choose. This method requires consistency as any deviation from the script will confuse the dog. It requires time and energy from the parent, but it can be a blessing once they have learned.

It can be helpful to write down when you accept barking and when you don’t so you remember and don’t slip up when tired or not paying complete attention.

Final Thoughts

Barking is a dog’s way of communicating. While it may seem annoying at times, it should never be completely stopped. Shih Tzu can bark a lot, but there are easy ways to teach them when it’s appropriate to bark and not. It only takes a bit of patience and consistency to get the job done!

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