Do Shelties Like to Cuddle?

Shelties are a great dog to bring home to your family. They have a lot of energy and are great at forming good bons with their owners after some time to adjust. Many pet owners wonder whether their Sheltie will like to cuddle when they bring one home and worry about whether they should try this out or not.

Most Shelties like to cuddle with their owners. They will need to have time to establish a relationship and good bond with their owners before they are willing to do this. Your Sheltie may cuddle with you as a way to display affection and to show that they love you. Other Shelties will do this to gain warmth, to protect you from a perceived threat, or even to relieve some stress that they feel about a certain situation.

Shelties are generally affectionate dogs and they like to spend time with their family. Cuddling is one of the ways that they can showcase this love and create a closer bond with their owners. Let’s take a closer look at whether Shelties cuddle, why they like to cuddle, and why some Shelties like to show their affection using other methods.

Do Shelties Like to Cuddle

Once your Sheltie has had time to adjust to your family and see where their place is within that family, and once they recognize that they have a bond between you and other members of the family, they will likely warm up to cuddling. Not all Shelties like to cuddle and some of the more independent ones will oppose doing this while showing their affection using other methods.

However, most Shelties recognize that this is a way to spend time with their owners. They like to enjoy that closeness, either to form a better bond with their owners and other people in the family, or because it helps them to feel at peace when they are anxious or stressed out about something.

Other Shelties are open to cuddling because they know they get a little bit more attention out of the process when they are open to it. They have found, through trial and error, that they can get more tummy rubs, treats, and praise and attention if they agree to cozy up and cuddle with their owners. Some dogs, on the other hand, just like that closeness and being next to their pet owner.

You may find that your Sheltie likes to cuddle and they want to spend all day long doing it. Sometimes a longer cuddle session can be just right for both of you. Grab a good book or turn on one of your favorite shows and you are ready to go with a cuddle session with your Sheltie, giving you both the feel-good emotions that you need.

If you do not have time to spend hours on the couch each day, do not worry. Even five to ten minutes will help your dog, though they will probably beg for more, and there are other activities that you can do with your dog that gives them the attention they need while freeing up some of your time too.

Why Do Shelties Like to Cuddle?

There have been several studies done on the brains of dogs that show how important bonding is for your dog. In fact, this bonding is more important to the Sheltie than it is for most other types of pets that you may bring home.

This dog breed has learned how to depend on their owners for centuries now and they even have their own methods of communicating and recognizing the desires of their owner from some subtle cues. To do this, the Sheltie has had to remain close, near to the side of the humans they love.

Do Shelties Like to Cuddle?

Cuddling is one of the ways that a Sheltie is able to remain close to their owners and those they love. Shelties are one of the breeds that is not as independent as other breeds, though there are some exceptions to this of course. Most Shelties want to run right to their owners and are excited when they can get some attention and have fun.

Cuddling can even help your Sheltie to reduce the amount of stress that they feel. This is because it not only increases the level of oxytocin in the pet owners mind, but also increases this for the dog. Oxytocin is known as the love hormone because it is the one that is involved with social bonding in both dogs and humans.

When your Sheltie spends some time cuddling up to you, they may be feeling worried, nervous, or anxious. They know that cuddling up to you and spending some time with you will help them feel reassured and safe. it is a good way to help them overcome the stress they are feeling because they know time with you always makes them better.

No matter what the reason is for a Sheltie to cuddle with their owners, they will often do it to get a little bit closer. Some just like the attention, some may want to keep warm, and others are looking for some reassurance when they are scared or something is bothering them. Providing some time each day to help your Sheltie relax and stay calm through cuddling will make all the difference.

Why Doesn’t my Sheltie Like to Cuddle?

While most Shelties love to spend time cuddling with their owners, this is not always the case. Every Sheltie is going to be different and they may choose to not cuddle with their owners as much. This is often due to them being more independent than other types of dogs. Some Shelties may not mind cuddling, but they only want to do it during certain times and only for so long each day.

Often it is more of a preference not to cuddle. The Sheltie may want to show their affection to you using other methods. They may like to be at the feet of your bed, want a belly rub, or to play some games. They are still showing affection to you, they may just find that cuddling is not the way they like to do this.

Are Shelties Affectionate?

Shelties are famously known as a loving and affectionate kind of dog. This is part of what makes them such a great companion to add to your family. They do well around children and they like to cuddle up, have someone pet them, and they are generally gentle and easy to work with. This affection makes them great around every member of your family.

You may often hear that a Sheltie is a Velcro dog. This is because they have an intense desire to be close to their owners. It is not uncommon for a Sheltie to follow their owners around the house for hours, making sure they are up close and personal all the time. When the owner sits down to take a break, most Shelties will want to cuddle up on their lap. If you continue to pet the Sheltie and give them attention, it is unlikely that they will want to give up on the cuddling.

Just like being affectionate is good for humans, it is also good for your Sheltie, which may be part of why they enjoy it so much. They like that it will improve their physical and mental help while adding in some more positivity to their lives. After a long day, you can rest assured that your Sheltie will come bounding to the door to give you some attention, ready to cuddle and spend time with you.

Are There Other Ways to Show Affection to My Sheltie?

There are a lot of great ways to show affection to your Sheltie. If you do not have a lot of time to sit and cuddle with them, or you do not want the Sheltie to get on your furniture and have their hair all over the place, you can consider using some other methods to show your dog how much you care and ensure that they get the quality time that they deserve.

Do Shelties Like to Cuddle?

Pretty much anything that allows you and the Sheltie to spend some time together will work for this. Taking them on a long walk or playing games with them, either inside or at the park or in the backyard, will do wonders. Scratching their heads or bellies and giving them lots of praise can work here too. The goal is to spend some time with your Sheltie so they know they are valued and that you love them as well.

Spending Time with Your Sheltie

Most Shelties like to spend time with their owners, getting in some petting and attention in the process. It is good for them just like it is good for you. Try to spend at least a few minutes each day, cuddled up next to your Sheltie and giving them the attention they need. This will help to create a stronger bond between you and your dog and can help you calm down, even after a hard day at work.