Do Aussiedoodles Like to Cuddle?

The Aussiedoodle is a great pet to keep around your home. 

They have a lot of love and attention that they are willing to share with their owners and have no issues sharing it with you as much as you would like. 

While this dog may seem to have endless love to share all the time, many owners wonder whether this is a breed that likes to cuddle or not. 

Do Aussiedoodles Like to Cuddle?

Aussiedoodles like to spend time cuddling with their owners. They do have a lot of energy that keeps them active and they can be fun to take on walks and train, but they do not mind a good hug and plenty of time to cuddle with their owners to show their own affection. 

Spending at least a few minutes giving them some love, or making sure to give them a nice hug, can be a great way to give the dog the attention that they need. 

You will quickly find that this teddy bear looking dog breed is going to be a really big fan of spending time with their owners and this will include a lot of cuddles along the way.

They tend to be cheerful when they spend time with their loved ones and they are intelligent enough to know when it is time to be affectionate. 

There is nothing wrong with giving this dog the cuddling that they need all the time. 

You have to keep in mind that the Aussiedoodle is going to be a mix of two dogs that have a lot of energy. 

This is why they are so affectionate and cheerful in temperament. 

They love to spend their time playing and cuddling with their owners. 

This means that they like it when their owners love on them, so it will not bother them when you give them a hug. 

In fact, there are times when the dog will come up to you and try to get some of your attention and love on their own. 

This dog will want to spend some time being active and having some fun.

You will not be able to just cuddle with them all day long. 

But on a lazy day where it is raining all the time or when you have had a busy day, this dog breed will love to spend some time with you on the couch, sharing time together and having some fun bonding with one another. 

You will find that the Aussiedoodle loves to be near you and will want to cuddle and have some fun getting attention from you. 

Why is the Aussiedoodle so Cuddly?

You will quickly notice that the Aussiedoodle feel cuddly and they will want to snuggle up with their owners from time to time. 

They like to spend time with their owners and be close and near to the people that they love the most. 

Some of the reasons that this dog breed will like to cuddle with you include:

It is Their Nature

It does not take long owning the Aussiedoodle to notice that they have a cool temper and part of that is that they like to cuddle and snuggle. 

It is common for this dog just to love cuddling and having some alone time with their owners, no matter who they live with. 

Some of this dog breed will be easier to get along with and will love cuddles more than others, but overall, this breed is a big fan of cuddling. 

They Need Attention

Often the reason that your dog is cuddling and trying to be close is that they feel like they need some more attention from you. 

If you have been gone for a long time or left them alone while you had to go to work, get ready for this dog breed to snuggle on up and try to get your attention. 

You should take a few minutes to cuddle right back and let them know how much you love and miss them too. 

Do Aussiedoodles Like to Cuddle 1 Do Aussiedoodles Like to Cuddle?


This dog loves to be with others who are pregnant in the home. 

This means that when someone is pregnant in the home, you will see that the Aussiedoodle is more likely to cuddle up with that person.

Dogs love all that warm affection that you are able to give to them, and they are happy to show it right back to their owners as well. 

You may also notice that your dog is gentler than normal during and after the pregnancy. 

They Have a Lot of Stress

It is easy to assume that since they are a dog, the Aussiedoodle is going to be easygoing all the time and will never deal with stress. 

Your dog can feel stress though and when that happens, they are going to want to spend more time cuddling up with their owners. 

If you notice that the dog is cuddling more often than normal, then this could be a sign that they are stressed out about something. 

Give them some of the love and attention they need at this time so they feel like you are there for them and they can get out of the stressed mood faster. 

They are Bored

Sometimes the issue is as simple as being bored. 

When the Aussiedoodle is not certain what they want to do with their time, then they are likely to act like they want more cuddles.

When you do not have a lot to do with the dog or in your schedule for the day, then you can sit down with them and allow them a way to snuggle and relax as well. 

They are Feeling Sick

It is common for the Aussiedoodle to want to get nice and close to you when they are not feeling good. 

They may catch a little bug or there is something else that is wrong with them at the time.

Take a moment to check their health and their temperature to see if something is wrong. 

Often a bit of snuggling will be enough to help them feel better. 

They are Getting Older

As you start to notice your Aussiedoodle is aging, they are going to become less energetic and will need some more time to relax and get ready for the next adventure. 

When this happens, they will prefer spending their time next to the people they love, so you will find them sitting close to you all the time. 

How Do Aussiedoodles Like to Cuddle?

Dogs like to show their love and affection for any owner and they will often do this in an obvious way. 

This means that you will know when they intend to show their love to you and are not likely to miss out on it that much. 

However, some of the signs that you should look for when it is time to see whether your Aussiedoodle wants to cuddle includes:

  • They try to lick at your face when they can reach it
  • You find that they are trying to follow you all over the place. 
  • They try to hand you their favorite toy. 
  • They like to jump at you in excitement when you walk in the door. 
  • When they are tired or bored, they will try to sit down near you and lay on you. 
  • After a meal, they try to get in really close to spend some time together. 
  • Your bed is one of their favorite places to cuddle up and spend time together. 
  • If you are sick, they seem like they are nearby and ready to comfort you. 
  • They may put their head on your lap to show you that you make them feel safe and comfortable. 
  • They may try to imitate you. For example, if you do a yawn in front of them, they will do it as well. 

These are some of the most common traits that your Aussiedoodle is trying to show that they love you and would like to get some more attention from you. 

However, it can be as simple as the dog coming up to you, sitting on your lap, and snuggling their head near you to show that they want to be near and would like to cuddle at that time. 

Cuddling with Your Aussiedoodle?

You will quickly find that the Aussiedoodle likes to spend their time cuddling and getting love and attention from their owners. 

Whether this is a few minutes of hugging and petting before you head off to work or you want to sit down and relax on the couch at the end of a long day. 

This dog is ready to spend time with their owner and will love all of the bonding that you will do with them.

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