21 Cute Corgi Lab Mixes With Photos (Too Cute!)

Dogs are the best thing to happen to this good earth, and that’s the truth. They are our best friends, our faithful companions, and bring us joy throughout the day. If you have a dog, need a dog, or just love looking at pictures of dogs, you’ve come to the right place. We’re dog fans here.

There are hundreds of official breeds of dogs, and more are being created every day. Two of the most popular breeds of dogs available for pets are the labrador retriever and the corgi. You may be asking yourself–what happens when we blend the graceful, physical lab with the stocky, loyal corgi?

Welsh Corgis are known for their stubby legs, golden and white fur, and floating butts (seriously, their butts float). They have pointy little ears and are loyal and stubborn dogs. Corgis were originally bred in Wales for herding dogs and are great family dogs.

Labrador retrievers might be the most popular dog breed for families. They are intelligent, loyal, and loving dogs. Labs are terrific with kids and can do just about anything (that’s why you often see labs as service dogs or working dogs).

Purebred dogs are great, but more and more people are opting for crossbreeds. With a hybrid dog, you can take some of the best qualities of each breed and mix and match them to make the perfect dog. Lab mixes are especially popular.

When you take the loyalty, intelligence, and energy of a labrador and pair it with the loyalty, hard work, and stubby legs of a corgi, you get a thing of beauty: you get the corgidor. Without further ado, here are some of the most adorable corgi lab mixes on the web.

A Corgi Lab Puppy

For starters, check out this corgi lab puppy. She’s got the sweetest little face, a mix of the short corgi snout and rounder lab snout.

While her coloring and face shape are primarily from the corgi side, this little lady has some lab ears. Corgi ears don’t flop over–they stand straight up. Labs have floppy ears most of the time.

Since this one’s a puppy, it’s tough to tell how big she’ll get. But it doesn’t matter because she’s perfect to us!

This Relaxed, Handsome Fellow

Look at the paws on this gentleman! He has the signature light, speckled paws of a true corgi, although his face isn’t traditionally corgi-colored. The mottled or brindle look is not unusual amongst golden corgis, especially when they’re puppies.

This little guy has lab ears, and his face is shaped a bit more like a lab’s. He’s not standing up, but it’s clear that his legs take after the corgi side in length!

This Corgi Lab Strolling in the Yard

This handsome fellow has almost all the features of a yellow labrador retriever, except the signature stocky legs of a full-grown corgi.

Most corgi labs have this coloring because most corgis have a golden and white fur pattern. However, there are some chocolate and black lab mixes and sable corgis.

We love how confident and happy he is, with his sweet lab features and tail. Look at him go!

This Black Lab Corgi Mix

Pin: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/201536152058209550/

Although yellow labs and corgis are a more common mix, the black lab has strong coloring genes. It’s clear that this is a corgidor–he has the short legs, pointy ears, and face shape of a corgi.

However, this dog is too large to be a purebred corgi. His body is thicker and the labrador shows through. Of course, there’s always his gorgeous black coat to give it away.

This Sweet, Sweet Puppy

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This girl’s name is Charity, and she is just the cutest little lab corgi mix of all time. From a standard corgi and a yellow lab, she looks like someone took the head of a labrador retriever and put it on the body of a chubby little corgi.

If this picture hasn’t convinced you that this breed is charming and delightful, we’re not sure what will. Her stubby little legs and angel eyes are melting everyone’s hearts. Just imagine her waddling around!

A Full Grown Corgidor

Here is a full-grown corgi lab mix to give you a break from the sappy puppies (don’t worry, we’ll get back to them soon). As you can see, she has many qualities of a regular lab, but shorter legs.

Unfortunately, it’s impossible to tell how big a corgi lab will grow. Labradors are a large breed, and corgis are small, so the combination could be between 20-60 pounds. It depends on the size of the individual parents.

An Excited Black Lab Corgi Mix

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Nothing illustrates a lab’s energy and loyalty of a corgi better than this little fellow. Look at him–he wants to play! With the curly tail and pointy ears of a corgi but the coloring of a black lab, this little guy might be perfect.

This dog’s face shape is mostly corgi–the leaner snout and thinner jawline remind us of his Welsh heritage. However, we’d love to see him in action!

The Coolest Corgi Lab Around

For a downright cool factor, it’s hard to beat Kao. This fellow is clearly at the top of his game and doesn’t mind if you know it. The main genetic factor he inherits from his lab parentage is size–otherwise, Kao looks like a tall corgi!

It is remarkable how these dogs vary. Some smaller dogs have floppy lab ears, while bigger dogs (like Kao) can inherit the pointy ears of the corgi. However, none of them are as relaxed as this guy is.

A Thirsty Little Puppy

Here’s another black labrador retriever and corgi mix. From the face, you would guess that this puppy is purely lab–she has an adorable little labrador face, complete with drooping ears and a rounded snout.

However, once you get to her stubby little legs, you realize that she’s a true corgidor. Her sweet little body probably won’t grow to be too big, and she’ll stay small and tubby forever. But please–someone get this girl some water!

A Happy Sleepy Boy

It’s tough being so cute all day. It’s time for a rest after a long day of playing, running around on stubby little corgi legs, and charming the hearts of all around him. This guy is a corgi and a yellow lab mix.

Corgi labs are fantastic family dogs. Both breeds are loyal and love to play. Because they were meant to be working dogs, they train well (and should be given mental stimulation before they get naughty). However, they can wear out and get sleepy too!

A Unique Corgi Lab Mix

Not all corgi lab mixes follow the same pattern. Some look more like corgis, others more like labs. It can depend on their specific mix, how many generations of mix they are, and the strength of genetics on both sides.

In this boy’s case, he looks like a small labrador retriever. However, the strange coloring around his nose is reflective of his corgi background, even though most corgis don’t look like that. His shorter legs, of course, also show his heritage.

This Majestically Handsome Fellow

This dog might be a surprise for this list: he doesn’t have any of the traditional corgi lab features. He has a black lab coloring with a streak of white down the front, which shows a little of his corgi heritage.

However, his lab size and corgi features make him look much more like a different breed of dog. This dog is indeed a corgi lab mix–he is definitely on the larger end, but isn’t any less handsome for it!

A Ginger Corgi Lab

If you’re looking for something other than the classic golden or black lab, check out this chestnut lab mix. She looks like a corgidor, with a labrador head and corgi body.

However, it’s this pup’s coat that’s truly stunning. Her chestnut, reddish-tinged fur has a strip of white down the middle to emphasize it. What an adorable dog!

This Older Girl With Floppy Ears

So far, we’ve just seen corgi lab mixes with completely flopped ears or pointy ears. Here’s what happens when the ears can’t quite decide what to do. Look at those floppy ears!

This girl is a little bit older and has some yellow lab in her. She has the legs of a corgi and is as sweet as can be.

A Corgidor Pup With a Little Pitbull Thrown In

Although many breeders intentionally breed corgis and labradors, sometimes unfixed dogs will get together in the wild and breed. Many of these dogs end up in shelters without pedigrees or genetic testing to help them get homes.

That’s the case for this sweet little puppy, who has some corgi, labrador, and pit bull genes. Although he’s not fully a corgi and lab mix, he still belongs on this list because of his stubby legs, huge floppy ears, and darling little face. How can you say no to him?

A Corgi Lab, But Add Some Husky

Here’s another combination of dogs that involves a lab and a corgi, but another dog got involved somewhere along the line.

This guy is a little older than the puppy, so it’s clear what size he is and which breeds he favors. However, he’s a handsome fellow and has several labs and corgi features!

Another Tiny Corgi Lab Puppy

This golden girl is so tiny and adorable; she might just be a stuffed animal!

Her ears and face are all corgis, except for the shape of her mouth and nose (can you tell her labrador genetics there?). It’s the golden-red coloring that shows off her lab heritage.

Corgi Lab, With Cocker Spaniel

Another three-way mix, this time the breeders (or nature) added a little of the cocker spaniel to the mix for this particular dog. You can see it in the wavy hair on the ears. However, the face shape is all labrador and the legs and body come from a corgi. The cuteness? That comes from nature.

Just look at this fellow! He’s so handsome in his little bow tie!

This Chestnut Corgi Lab

He’s got the face of a lab and the ears of a corgi. This guy is a gorgeous color, with a tinge of red in his chestnut fur. His legs are reminiscent of his corgi background, but he’ll probably grow to be medium size or bigger!

A Sweet, Blue Eyed Pup

Blue eyes in a corgi or a lab are pretty rare, so this dog is a rare breed indeed. Although she’s a mixed breed, there are good odds that she’s got another breed in there somewhere giving her those beautiful eyes. However, you can see the lab in her face shape and the corgi in her ears and legs!

Last But Not Least: The Ears of a Lifetime

If you want ears, this pup has them in spades. Her chestnut color and size come from a lab, but those ears? They’re a mix of the rounded edges of lab ears with the straightness of corgi ears, and it’s not exaggerating to say that we’re in love with them.

This sweet girl is larger than many lab corgi mixes, and she’ll be a great family dog.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you’ve fallen in love with these sweet dogs and want more information, here are some frequently asked questions about corgi labs! We hope they answer your questions.

How big do Corgi Lab mixes get?

Corgi lab mixes are medium-sized dogs and can weigh from 20 to 60 pounds. They can be anywhere from 10-24 inches tall at full height. All of this depends on the parentage of the puppy.

Do Corgi Lab mixes shed?

Corgi labrador mixes do shed. Because labradors and corgis both shed, the combination of the two will also lose fur. They have short thick fur that needs regular brushing, as they shed year-round. However, they don’t need grooming.

How expensive are Corgi Labradors?

Corgi labradors usually cost from $1,000 to $1,500. They are technically designer dogs, even though they don’t cost nearly as much as a poodle or other non-shedding mixes. However, you might be able to find a corgi lab mix at a shelter near you.

Are Corgi Labrador mixes good family dogs?

Corgi Labs are incredible family dogs if trained and socialized well when young. Labradors are some of the best family dogs available because they are high-energy, loyal, and learn quickly. Corgis are herding dogs and great with kids if adequately trained. Both breeds can be stubborn.

Final Thoughts

If the pictures of this sweet corgi lab mix inspired you to adopt your own, reach out to your local shelter, check PetFinder, or find a corgi lab breeder near you! This breed is loyal, intelligent, and ready to be your best friend–you have a corgi lab puppy waiting for you somewhere!