Can You Buy An Axolotl At Petco? Any Of Them?

Petco is one of the biggest pet retail stores in the US, and they sell a variety of pets. But can you get an axolotl at Petco?

Does Petco sell axolotls 1 Can You Buy An Axolotl At Petco? Any Of Them?

Does Petco sell axolotls?

No, Petco doesn’t sell axolotls. First and foremost, selling axolotls is illegal in states like Maine, Virginia, and California. Furthermore, they are delicate to handle, and lastly, they require rigorous maintenance. 

As experts on exotic amphibians, we will use this article to explain why Petco doesn’t sell axolotls. Moreover, we will also discuss alternative places where you can find this four-legged Mexican amphibian. 

Why Doesn’t Petco Sell Axolotls? 

It Is Illegal to Sell Axolotls in Some States

Can you buy an axolotl at Petco? The answer is, unfortunately, no. These unique, salamander-like creatures are currently illegal to own as pets in Maine, California, and Virginia.

This legislative decision was made due to concerns about the potential for invasive species to escape into local water systems and disrupt ecosystems. 

And while they may be banned in those states, it’s worth noting that owning one may still be possible in other parts of the country – but only if you obtain a special permit. 

So while axolotls may seem like a fun and quirky addition to your household, it’s important to research state laws and consider the potential consequences before bringing one home. Better safe than sorry!

They Are Delicate 

Many exotic pet lovers have their eye on the adorable and unique axolotl. However, if you’re hoping to purchase one at Petco, you’ll have to look elsewhere. 

That’s because axolotls are incredibly delicate animals that require special care in order to thrive. 

In fact, they have specific water temperatures, pH levels, and filtration needs that can be difficult for even experienced owners to manage. 

In addition, wild-caught axolotls often carry diseases that can spread quickly in captivity. These factors make it impractical for Petco to sell them as pets. 

So while it may be tempting to bring home a cute little axolotl from the store, it’s best to do your research and find a reputable breeder who can provide proper care instructions and a healthy pet.

They Are High Maintenance 

While they may seem like easy and low-maintenance pets, these charming creatures actually require a lot of specialized care. 

Axolotls are sensitive to water quality and temperature, meaning their aquarium needs frequent cleaning and monitoring. You’ll need a reliable pump and filter. They also have specific dietary needs and require live pet food, such as worms, snails, or small fish. 

In addition, unlike many aquatic pets, axolotls cannot survive in traditional fish tanks – they need the space and filtration of an aquatic turtle setup. 

As a result, Petco has made the responsible decision not to sell axolotls to ensure that people don’t buy these creatures if they’re not able to take care of them. 

If you’re interested in owning one of these lovely creatures, make sure you do your research before taking on the commitment and responsibility of their high-maintenance needs.

Best Places to Find Axolotls 

Does Petco sell axolotls 1 1 Can You Buy An Axolotl At Petco? Any Of Them?

Pet Shelters 

While they may not be as common as cats and dogs, axolotls make fantastic pets for those looking for something unusual. But what if Petco or your local pet store doesn’t carry them? 

Believe it or not, your local animal shelter may be the place to find one of these adorable amphibians. Shelters often take in exotic pets that owners can no longer care for, and fortunately, axolotls are hardy creatures that adapt well to new environments. 

Adopting an axolotl from a shelter not only gives one of these unique pets a loving home but also supports the important work of animal rescue organizations. 

So if you’re considering adding an axolotl to your family, don’t forget to check out your local shelter for these playful and intriguing creatures.

Pet Stores

Besides the standard cats, dogs, and fish, many pet stores also sell a range of exotic creatures. Among these unique options is the axolotl, a type of salamander found in Mexico’s Lake Xochimilco. 

While they may be unfamiliar to some, axolotls make for fascinating pets with their curious appearance and seemingly odd behaviors. 

They can regenerate lost body parts, change their skin color to blend in with their surroundings, and even regrow their own brains. However, not all pet stores carry axolotls, so what if you don’t see them at your local Petco or PetSmart? 

Look for specialist exotic pet stores or search online for reputable breeders. It’s important to do your research before bringing one into your home as they have special dietary and habitat needs. 

But for those willing to put in the extra effort, an axolotl can make a truly unique addition to any household.

Private Breeders

Can’t find axolotls at your local pet store? Don’t worry; you can still get these intriguing creatures through private breeders. 

These breeders specialize in a variety of amphibians, including axolotls. They often have a wide range of colors and sizes and can offer personalized advice on what type of axolotl would best suit your home and lifestyle. 

Of course, it’s important to research before purchasing from a breeder and ensure they are reputable and responsible. 

However, private breeders offer an alternative option for finding your new pet axolotl. In addition, buying from a breeder rather than a pet store supports responsible breeding practices and helps ensure the health and well-being of these unique animals.

Buy Them Online

If your local pet store doesn’t carry axolotls, or if you want to find a wider variety of colors and patterns, online shopping may be the answer. 

Many reputable breeders offer the option to buy axolotls online, often with the added convenience of door-to-door shipping. However, it’s important to do your research before purchasing from any seller. 

Look for proven experience in breeding and caring for axolotls, as well as photos and reviews that showcase happy and healthy animals. Buying online can also offer access to specialized or rare axolotl genetics, such as copper or leucistic individuals. 

Overall, purchasing an axolotl online can be a great option for discerning buyers looking to expand their options. Just remember to always prioritize the welfare of the animal over convenience.

How Much Do Axolotls Cost?

How much should you expect to spend on an axolotl? Well, it depends on the type of axolotl you want. A simple axolotl, with solid colors and no special markings, will generally cost between $30 and $75. 

However, if you’re looking for a more exotic axolotl with intricate patterns or rare colorations, you can expect to pay anywhere from $100 to $200. 

It’s important to remember that the initial cost is just the beginning – axolotls require specialized tanks and care, so be sure to factor these costs into your budget before making a purchase. 

While they may not be the cheapest pet option out there, these fascinating creatures are worth every penny.

Key Takeaways 

  • First and foremost, their lifespan can range from 10 to 15 years, so you must be prepared for a long-term commitment. 
  • They also require special care regarding their tank set-up and diet, as they need clean water with minimal flow and a primarily carnivorous diet consisting of live food such as worms and insects. 
  • In addition, these social creatures do best with tank mates of the same species, so be prepared to adopt multiple axolotls at once. 
  • Lastly, due to their sensitive nature and unique care requirements, it can be difficult to find a veterinarian who is familiar with treating them. 

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