Are Shelties Good With Kids?

Shelties are a great dog to have as part of your family. They are a good dog that is loyal and has a lot of energy to work with. If you train them well, they will be one of your best friends for a long time. But will your Sheltie do well with kids if you have them in the family?

Are Shelties Good with Kids?

Yes, Shelties are good with kids. They love the high energy and the attention that they are able to get from your children. As long as the child is taught how to be careful around the dog and does not be mean to them, the dog will quickly become your child’s best friend.

Let’s take a closer look at how well the Sheltie and your child are able to get along, the rules that you should follow that will help monitor the dog and your children together, and how to keep the two as best friends.

Are Shelties Good with Kids?

Shelties are really good around children. They love all of the attention that they are able to get from your children and they like to share in all of the energy possible. Your children will love that they have a close friend who will run around with them and have some fun. And since the Sheltie is so smart, this makes them easier to train and your children will love being able to train the dog with them.

Why are Shelties Good with Kids?

Shelties are a great dog to have around children, as long as they are properly trained to deal with the noise and bounciness of the children. The good news is the Sheltie is often a bouncy dog as well and will love all the attention and energy that they can share with your child.

When planned out well, the Sheltie and your child can even wear each other out! Some of the reasons why a Sheltie does well with your children includes:

They are Playful

The Sheltie is very playful to work with as well. They like to spend time with others and they love nothing more than running around and playing. You may find all this energy and playfulness exhausting. After spending an hour or more running around on a walk or playing fetch with your Sheltie, they will still want to get outside and run around and play with you some more.

Shelties and children are able to get along with one another without an issue. They can run around and play with one another. Since both of them have endless energy between each other, they will have a ton of fun with each other while the parent and dog owner can sit back and relax a little bit.

They are Easy to Train

Kids love being able to train their new family pet. They like to be able to learn something along with the dog and then show off to friends and family members all the things that they have been able to do with their pet.

And since the Sheltie is able to learn things quickly, this is the perfect breed to let your child train with. It will be easier than with some of the more difficult breeds so your children will have a lot of fun.

Are Shelties Good With Kids?

Make sure that you are nearby while your child is doing the training. This will help to monitor the number of treats that are handed out and you can step in if there is something wrong with the training method that your child is using.

If either the dog or your child starts to get frustrated with the training session, you can also step in and fix any issues or put the training session to an end.

They are Friendly

The Sheltie breed is very friendly. Not only do they have a lot of energy to run around, they like to meet new people. And they will be friendly with people of all ages, including children. This is a breed that will stop everyone they meet on a walk and try to get a treat or a pet or some attention along the way.

This friendly nature is going to be great when you introduce your Sheltie to your children. The Sheltie will have no problem running around and playing with your children and it is not likely that the dog will be scared or intimidated by the bounciness and loudness of your children. In fact, they are likely to jump right in and make as much noise.

They Have Energy

It does not take long owning a Sheltie to notice they have a ton of energy. They like to go on long walks and then run around the yard for an hour or more. Many Sheltie owners are amazed at the amount of energy this dog breed has. This energy can be used to run around with all of the energy of your children.

Both the Sheltie and your children can wear each other out by running around, going on walks, and playing with one another. This can give you a break as the two groups run around and have a lot of fun with each other. All that energy will be put to good use with your child.

Can My Child Play with a Sheltie?

Yes, your child will do just fine when they play with the Sheltie. As long as your child is taught the best way to play with the Sheltie and how to be kind and nice, rather than hitting and being mean to the dog, then the two will get along just fine.

Children will enjoy the high-energy levels of this dog breed. And the Sheltie will love all the attention from the children as well as a fun friend to spend time with.

When Shouldn’t My Child Play with a Sheltie?

For the most part, the Sheltie will get along just fine with your Sheltie and the two will become quick friends in no time. These two will spend many hours running around and having a ton of fun with one another. However, there are times when you may want to consider separating the child and the Sheltie.

First, you may want to separate out your children and the Sheltie when the dog starts to show some signs of aggression or nervousness. If the dog is growling or baring their teeth, then this is a sign they do not like the child for some reason or they are not comfortable with the whole situation. Separating the two and trying a different method of introducing them may be a better option to consider.

If you are watching the child and Sheltie together and you notice the child is being too rough with the dog, it is time to separate them. Your child should not hit, pull the hair, or otherwise be mean to the Sheltie. Your Sheltie will be pretty tolerant of a child, but no dog wants to be picked on. You will need to separate the dog and your child until your child can learn how to properly behave around the dog to avoid issues.

Can Shelties Be Aggressive with Children?

It is important for both the child and the Sheltie to get along with one another. If a child is rough with the Sheltie or is not monitored when they interact with the Sheltie, it can cause a number of problems. Overall, Shelties are gentle dogs that do well with children and like to play. Some children can be a little bit rough on the dog and can cause other issues too.

When adding a Sheltie to your home, there are a few steps to take. First, you need to teach your child how to be gentle around the dog. Do not allow a lot of roughhousing and no hitting the dog or pulling their hair. You need to train your child on how to treat the dog as a part of the family so the Sheltie has no reason to get upset and accidentally bite. Monitor how your child does around the dog to make sure no problems arise later on.

It is also important to train your Sheltie on how to behave around your child as well. Your Sheltie will need time around your children to get used to them. The good news is that your Sheltie will love to be around your children, but they do need to have some training to know not to nip or cause other problems. After a few meetings and monitoring with an adult, you will find that your children and the dog will get along well.

Your Sheltie and Your Children

You will quickly find that your Sheltie is active and happy. They like to be around children and will love nothing more than to spend time running around with your children and having some fun. When the Sheltie and the child both know how to play well together, it can be a great relationship for both parties.