Are Blue Heelers Hyper?

Do you ever think about how hyper a Blue Heeler might be? 

If you do, this article offers in-depth insight into their personality and how to manage this behavior should your dog be hyper.

Are Blue Heelers Hyper?

Blue Heelers can become hyper if their need for activity, energy, and stimulation is ignored. They require a great deal of energy, work, and exercise to feel physically and mentally content.

If their need to activity is not met, their behavior can become problematic and display hyper behavior.

Training can help manage this issue should it arise, but it is better to have a plan for your Blue Heeler and their day.

This dog breed was bred to work, and they love nothing better than having a job to do. 

If they don’t have a job to do, finding tasks they can help with or activities they can engage in will help temper hyperactivity.

Pet parents who own a Blue Heeler should be prepared with diverse daily activities that offer physical and mental work. 

It is great if this can fall in line with their need to herd. 

Otherwise, any work or activity will do.

This breed is great for active families. They also blend well with on-the-go singles, outdoor sportsmen, and working farmers, or anyone sporty.

While they have a strong physical need to move and work, they are also highly intelligent and resourceful. This high intelligence means they need lots of mental stimulation as well.

Aside from this, the Blue Heeler will also need room to roam as they won’t deal well in apartments or confined spaces. 

If that happens, they could display destructive or negative behaviors.

Without proper channeling and good outlets for their mental and physical energy, the Blue Heeler, like any other dog, will display negative behaviors like hyperactivity.

Therefore it is best to create the right lifestyle for them before this problem shows up. 

While they need a lot of activity and stimulation, it can also be essential to change things up often.

For instance, if they are helping around the yard with work. 

After this work is done, offering short bursts of exciting activities can squash hyperactive behavior throughout the remainder of the day.

These short bursts of activities can include a quick hike together, a trip to the dog park, tossing the ball in the yard for fun, or anything else the pet parent and dog enjoy.

This breed can form a close bond with one person.

If this happens, these shared moments will become very important to the Blue Heeler.

Hyperactive behavior can happen to any breed. 

While the Blue Heeler needs more activity than some other breeds, no dog is immune.

The best approach is to meet the dogs’ needs. 

If this is done, there is less chance for negative behaviors to happen in the first place.

Are Blue Heelers Hyper 1 1 Are Blue Heelers Hyper?

What causes hyperactive behavior?

Hyperactive behavior can be caused by many things, from breeding and a need for more activity to lifestyle. Sleep, stress, diet, exercise, health, emotional state, and boredom can all contribute to the onset of hyperactivity in any dog.

Some dog breeds are prone to hyperactivity, while others rarely ever suffer.

The Blue Heeler can tend to suffer more if their needs are not met. Other factors can cause this issue to show up as well.

For instance, boredom or loneliness might cause the Blue Heeler to feel stressed and become hyperactive. 

Life stress, lack of sleep, or exercise can cause hyperactivity to show up as well.

Diet and overall health can also play a part in whether or not a Blue Heeler becomes hyperactive. 

Each dog is unique, and some dogs will suffer more than others.

The best way to prevent a Blue Heeler from being hyperactive is to promote an overall healthy lifestyle. 

This is done by considering the whole dog, inside and out.

Ensuring that they are eating enough healthy food and sleeping enough is essential. 

They also need enough exercise and work, love, social time, and as stress-free a lifestyle as possible.

They should have entertainment and fun playtime to feel happy, and their needs and wants to be considered for emotional health.

When all these areas are considered, and they are healthy and seeing their veterinarian for wellness checkups, that is all that can be done.

It will likely be short-lived if hyperactivity happens, and pet parents are better prepared to deal with it and manage the behavior.

How can I calm my Blue Heeler if they suddenly become hyperactive?

If your Blue Heeler suddenly becomes hyperactive, it is helpful to ensure that they have had enough activity in their day.

If they have not had enough activity or work in their day, the pet parent can attempt to wear them out.

Figure out little jobs for them to do, or offer some fun activities to share.

If it seems that they have had enough work and play in their day for this breed, the pet parent should promote calmness and reduce excitability. 

This may require moving them to another location, such as the bedroom.

At this time, the pet parent should be calm and relaxed. 

Dogs are notorious for picking up on our emotions and energy.

If you are stressed or hyper about it all, they will pick up on that and feel more hyper as well.

This time will give you a chance to access their day, the environment they are in, and what could be going on. If nothing seems amiss, spend some time snuggling and keeping calm. 

It can help if you have a favorite toy they enjoy and perhaps a treat or two. 

Use soothing words, and be together for a while.

This time, if nothing else, might reset their behavior and snap them out of whatever was causing the hyperactivity. If it doesn’t help after a time, taking them out for some activity and trying again might work too.

The good news is that in most cases, this behavior will reset itself or stop. 

It’s just a matter of figuring it out and time.

Final Thoughts

Hyperactivity happens to us all, even your Blue Heeler. 

Excitement, or lack thereof, can be cause for a build-up of internal energy.

Without proper channeling, this energy can get out of control.

Unlike us, our dogs don’t know how to channel it and rely on us to do so.

Thankfully, with the right mindset, a little patience, and calm and all will eventually be well again!